Recruiting: Leach and Salave'a visit Pocatello DT

MIKE LEACH AND defensive line coach Joe Salave'a visited DT Waye Kirby in Pocatello on Monday, the 3-star DT tells CF.C.

Head coaches are allowed only one in-home visit and a prep source tells CF.C that the Cougs have been holding onto that one for Kirby until this week.

Update: Leach and Joe Salave'a visited the 6-3, 302-pounder at his school on Monday.

"They were telling me reasons why I should go to WSU and how I fit into the defense. I think that was the last time I’ll see them before I commit. I’m going to commit on Feb. 1," Kirby told CF.C's Braulio Perez.

“It’s kind of even between those three (WSU, UO and Utah) right now,” Kirby said. “It switches out during the day where I might like one school more than the other, but right now, they’re even. They’re all great schools. I have a tough decision to make... My visit to Oregon went great. I liked it a lot up there."

Kirby said he will cram two more official visits into this week.

“I’m going to BYU on Thursday and Friday, then I’m heading to Utah on Friday and Saturday," said Kirby.

Earlier, Kirby had told the Oregonian the Ducks were in the lead.

“Right now, it's Oregon, (Washington State) and Utah – in that order,” Kirby told the newspaper in an article published Monday morning.

"Right now, it's about me thinking it over in my head," Kirby said. "Right now, I feel like it's Oregon, but next week I might feel like it's Utah. After Utah, I might feel like it's Wazzu. I don't know yet."

The contact period ends Jan. 30, the final official visit weekend wraps up Jan. 31 and recruiting enters a dead period on Feb. 1, with Signing Day on Feb. 3.

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