WSU’s Midnight Maneuvers have already begun

WITH SIGNING DAY approaching fast, Washington State fans might have forgotten about another key offseason event: Midnight Maneuvers. Mike Leach and the Cougar coaching staff as usual aren’t wasting any time getting into their two-week winter conditioning circuit. Indeed, the workouts from hell kicked off Sunday night out on the Palouse.

WSU hasn’t released much information on Midnight Maneuvers over the years. But a reliable source at WSU tells CF.C they began on Sunday night and, as always, they were grueling.

The supervised workouts are capped by the NCAA at two hours per session, eight hours per week. Leach doesn't usually use all two hours per session, nor the full 16 hours allowed by the NCAA. But Cougar players the last four years have told CF.C that the workouts are among the most exhausting and intense they've ever gone through.

In his book, "Swing Your Sword", Leach said bear crawls, dot drills and obstacle courses are among the stations used.

Cougar players have offered CF.C more clues over the years: a night's workout is broken down into nine stations. Each player is at a station for three minutes, and given one minute of rest before moving ono the next. Agility, footwork and conditioning are stressed at each station.

At the end of each station, the player is  evaluated. A tally is also recorded at the end of the night. Players are then given a shirt to wear the next day based on their performance.

A black shirt is given to wear for outstanding effort, a gray shirt if the work was satisfactory. Players who are deemed to have given less than acceptable effort are given a pink shirt to wear.

The drills and stations change slightly year-to-year, players tell CF.C, ostensibly depending on the areas identified by the coaches as most in need of improvement based on the previous season. 

The workouts don’t actually start at midnight but rather at around 10 p.m.  In his book, Leach wrote that he likes the late night starting time because that was often when his teams would be playing in the fourth quarter. 

From Midnight Maneuvers two years ago:
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