MORE THAN 100 CougFans took part in a wide ranging chat session on with Washington State recruiting coordinator Dave Emerick. Mike Leach's football chief of staff spent more than an hour fielding questions from the Cougar Faithful on all things recruiting and WSU football.

COUGFANcom: Welcome to the CF.C recruiting chat with WSU recruiting coordinator Dave Emerick. We expect to see Dave jump on at 12 noon.

COUGFANcom: We encourage you to ask Dave about each and every one of the 25 new Cougs who have signed/enrolled at WSU.

Rick Harkins: Dave, what are you drinking tonight. I want to be the first to offer to buy you a drink. You must be very pleased!

Dave Emerick: Thanks Rick! We are very excited about the new class. A lot of hard work done by a lot of people!

Dan Gibbons: Any possibility of additional signings?

Dave Emerick: Dan, there is always a possibility! We have already signed 25 in this class but you never know what the next few months may hold.

Guest2830: What's the status of the Defensive Line, No (DT) recruits what's our depth like?

Dave Emerick: 2830, We signed three Defensive Line recruits in this class that we are very excited about. Garrett McBroom is on campus now and is going through Midnight Maneuvers in is weighing 267 pounds. Lyric Bartley and Danny Bender (pictured above) are two defensive end prospects that are very explosive athletes with huge upsides.

Guest8540: Thank you Dave and the coaching staff for the hard work. Please do address the quarterback situation. Three commits, but not NLIs? Where do you go?

Dave Emerick: 8540, Justus Rogers will start out at QB and get every opportunity to play the position this Spring. We currently have 3 great QB's on the roster and that can be intimidating to recruits, but we will take a hard look if someone becomes available this Spring. If not, we will go hard after a great QB in 2017.

Guest8540: Please talk about Suliasi Tamaivena ...

Dave Emerick: 8540, Suli is a stud! One of the more impressive highlight films that you will see. Coach Ken Wilson did a great job recruiting him and helping him become a Coug. He is an explosive athlete that makes plays. Originally from the state of Washington and has a big rugby background, which definitely intrigued Coach Leach.

haywoodjablome: Apparently Danny Bender was offered last night by USC. Bender's tape shows a great athlete with non stop motor. Why did he fly under the radar all year?

Dave Emerick: haywood, Bender played a lot of tight end in high school as well as defensive end and is definitely an exciting prospect with a huge upside. He currently plays basketball so will only get bigger but is 6-4, 237 pounds right now. Not sure why he was under the radar but glad that he was. He visited last weekend, fell in love with WSU, and stayed strong with his commitment despite so pressure from other schools.

Guest7877: Will QB and DT be a special emphasis for either PWO or next year's class?

Dave Emerick: 7877, the goal is to sign a full class every year (each position) but we are never going to force anything that doesn't fit. We aren't going to sign a QB that we don't think can compete just to say that we signed a QB. We will absolutely put an emphasis on QB and DT next year and feel like with our continued success on the field, we will be able to fill these positions with great players.

cdacoug: It was awesome to hear the IMG broadcast today. It was the best thing you guys have done for this day. Sounds like you guys really focused on speed as every coach mentioned that on the broadcast. Is that your take on the class?

Dave Emerick: cdacoug, You didn't like our twitter dabs? lol. Speed was a huge priority for us, especially on the defensive side of the ball and we feel like we were able to address that need. It is always good to sign 6 OL, and it was also important to us to sign some playmakers at WR, which we feel that we did.

fffws: Discuss the strategy of late official visits. It seems to have paid off.

Dave Emerick: fffws, we decided to do this for a number of reasons. We wanted our recruits to be able to spend as much time as possible with our coaches and players, which is extremely difficult to do during the season. We also wanted to keep their official visits to WSU fresh in their minds when Signing Day arrived. WSU is a special place and kids have a great time on their visits here. If they are able to remember their experience to our campus, and the feeling that they felt while they were here, we will get them.

Guest9867: Can you give us a feel for how the coaching staff spends the last couple days prior to LOI day?

Dave Emerick: 9867, making a lot of phone calls, constantly on social media, and worrying about any potential scenario that could go wrong!

haywoodjablome: Is Skyler Thomas targeted for CB or Safety?

Dave Emerick: haywood, he will most likely start as a corner but will find the best place for him. He is a fast, playmaking DB...which you can never have enough of!

Guest8642: What is the status of WR Verbal Stephen Houston?

Guest8918: Zion Echols seems to have not committed yet. Is he still in play?

Guest6400: Have you guys approached Davine Tullis, QB from Ballard. He is such a great athlete.

COUGFANcom: FYI, Dave cannot comment on any who remain recruitable athletes.

BS_SideEye: Please share your favorite recruiting stories for this class.

Dave Emerick: BS, I think that the biggest story is that we had received 23 out of 25 faxes by 8:00 am this morning, and the other two were in different time zones. That is almost unheard of to have a day like today where essentially nothing went wrong!

Fab5Coug: A lot of talk about blueshirts this year, after what happened last year. I don't recall WSU ever taking that approach with a recruit. Is that something that is an option, or something you & the staff don't really care for?

Dave Emerick: Fab5, we will always look at the best options for WSU and the future of our program, but I don't think that we will ever be a school that takes part a whole lot in blueshirting. Just depends on the individual situation and if it is right for us.

oldcoug75: How many of our redshirts do you expect to start next year

Dave Emerick: oldcoug, it is hard to say. There are some talented kids coming off of their redshirt year that will look to compete this Spring... James Williams, Kameron Powell, Tyler Hilinski, Hunter Mattox, Cedric Bigge Duren, Noah Myers, Nnamdi Oguayo - just to name a few.

Bobo6: There is always great speculation on Cougfan about the status of recruits. When did the staff know that guys like Tamaivena and Frederick Mauigoa were going to sign a NLI? Or that Wayne Kirby was not?

Dave Emerick: bobo, we have to keep a few surprises for signing day to keep our fans on their toes! Suli committed a couple of weeks ago and Fred committed after his visit to our campus, but they wanted to wait to make things public and we respected their wishes.

haywoodjablome: Will Mason Vinyard be a OLB/Buck or does the staff anticipate he will pack on another 50 lbs and line up at DE?

Dave Emerick: haywood, Mason is 6-5, 216 pounds and will start out as a RUSH. He is a 4.60 forty kid and runs a 10.9 in the 100 meters and is a very explosive athlete and we feel is well fitted for the RUSH position.

COUGFANcom: Great questions everyone. Encourage you to ask about every one of the 25, pick Dave's brain for insight, whether it's o-linemen or corners and everyone on between!

fffws: Which signees do you see getting early playing time? Any you see as NFL prospects?

Dave Emerick: fffws, we always expect junior college signees to be able to compete right away or we wouldn't sign them so I would look for Garrett McBroom, Chima Onyeukwu, Suli Tamaivena and Robert Taylor to contribute right away. As far as the freshmen, there are so many factors that play into it once they get here, but some of the most physically ready to play are Isaiah Johnson, Dezmon Patmon, and Lyric Bartley.

cubsfan7331: Scholarship question. If a student gets a scholarship then for whatever reason leaves the program what happens to the scholarship if the student leaves school?or Stays at school? How does this impact scholarship numbers for the yr. and does it free up a scholie for a walk-on?

Dave Emerick: cubsfan, this is the year for the Cubs by the way!!! If he leaves the program for his own personal reasons, he forfeits his scholarship. We typically leave that person on scholarship for the rest of the semester to finish out strong academically and find a new home. We can replace that scholarship the following year.

fffws: Talk about the recruiting contribution of the new coaches this cycle: Roy Manning, Alex Grinch, Dave Nichol, JaMarcus Shephard.

Dave Emerick: fffws, we couldn't be more excited about the quality of recruiters we have on this staff. Nichol and Shephard arrived too late to make much of an impact but expect big things out of them in the future. Grinch, Manning and Eric Mele are all tireless recruiters and their efforts paid off immensely today. Combine them with Wilson (who is typically one of our best recruiters every year), the great Joe Salave'a, Clay McGuire and Jim Mastro, and we are very pleased.

Guest4665: Which receiver spot will Isaiah Johnson start out at?

Dave Emerick: 4665, we will see where is the best spot for him this Spring but will most likely start out at an Outside WR position.

Guest8540: Dave which receivers do you see as inside and which outside?

Dave Emerick: 8540, with their size and speed combination, we feel like Dezmon Patmon and Johnson are most likely outside WRs. Renard Bell will be an inside receiver, and Grant Porter could be either.

Guest3689: Vinyard would appear to be a great outside WR prospect as well with his height and speed. Was there any thought to try him out on the offensive side of the ball? Or does he not possess the hands needed at the next level?

Dave Emerick: 3689, we recruited Vinyard to be a defensive player all along and see immense potential in him playing on that side of the ball. That is not to say he couldn't be a quality receiver, but he will play on defense for us.

Bobo6: There has been some speculation that with our bounty of O-Lineman on the roster, and a little less depth in the middle of our D-Line, that somebody might switch to defense to help out. Has that been discussed with the staff and is there someone in mind?

Dave Emerick: Bobo6, we signed 6 OL today and they will all play OL.

BS_SideEye: Who does the evaluations for potential recruits? Does Coach Leach review the film of each recruit before offering, or does he allow the area recruiters make the decision to offer?

Dave Emerick: BS, it is a process to get a recruit offered. The area coach of a defensive recruit takes a kid to the position coach who takes him to Coach Grinch who takes him to Coach Leach and I oversee the process. With an offensive player, Coach Grinch is taken out of that equation.

Rick Harkins: Dave, who's highlight tape do you think will receive the most ooooh's and aaaaah's at tonight's party?

Dave Emerick: Rick, I think it will be Christian Haangana. He does some things to little people that are just unfair!

Guest8642: Justus Rogers really wants to be a QB. With his athleticism, can he fit the mold as a Mike Leach QB?

Dave Emerick: 8642, we will give Justus every opportunity to play QB this Spring. He athleticism is a bonus, but he will need to be able to demonstrate the ability to make all the throws necessary and to run the offense effectively.

haywoodjablome: Is it spelled Jihad or Jahad Woods?

Dave Emerick: haywood, he goes by Jahad

COUGFANcom: Talk about JUCO safety Robert Taylor, his potential for 2016 and if you see him at free safety allowing Shalom Luani to man strong safety spot.

Dave Emerick: COUGFAN, we think that Robert is a big time playmaker! He is a fast kid that made a ton of plays last year and will have every opportunity to contribute right away in our secondary. It would be fun to watch the two CCSF kids line up together, but it remains to be seen how the secondary will shape up next year.

cubsfan7331: Dave I concur about the Cubs. But, more about you. What exactly does your job entail not only today but throughout the year? I'm guessing you are as busy in season as well as off season, right?

Dave Emerick: Cubsfan, Recruiting is an all year deal but I am the liaison between the football program and the rest of the athletic department. More specifically, compliance, marketing, media relations, the CAF, the AD's office, etc.

fffws: Crystal Ball, who is our Kick Returner opening day?

Dave Emerick: fffws, it will be a great competition! We signed several returners in this class as well...Marcus Strong, Robert Taylor, Jalen Thompson and Renard Bell to name a few!

Guest6739: I love D'Jimon Jones. Jones is one of the best all around athletes the Cougs have ever had. What position will he play. Does he have a shot at QB also. The young man has wings.

Dave Emerick: 6739, he will start out as a defensive back for us. He is a great athlete that does some special things on the basketball court, along with being a 6-9 high jumper. He is a kid that has a ton of potential.

Bobo6: In my earlier question about OL guys switching to DL guys (like Devonte McClain), I was asking about existing players on the roster, such as Carlos Freeman, Amosa Sakaria, or any other possibilities? Just curious.

Dave Emerick: Bobo, I don't think that there will be much transition within the OL and DL. We do look forward to seeing how some of the young DL have progressed such as Hunter Mattox, Ngalu Tapa and T.J. Fehoko

Guest6739: Bender was a Cougar at birth. His DNA came from all of the great DLs we have had. Can you tell us about the last minute USC poach?

Dave Emerick: 6739, I know that Bender really enjoyed his experience on campus at WSU and when last minute suitors came calling, he told them that he already has found his home at a university that he feels incredibly comfortable with and is excited to be a part of.

Guest9968: any players in this class you think are worthy of a 4-star rating?

Dave Emerick: 9968, we love them all or we wouldn't have signed them! There are a bunch of our signees with huge ceilings which will be fun to watch them develop over the next few years

Guest8540: With the depth at running back, do you see any of them as potential inside receivers? A move like Ricky Galvin made?

Dave Emerick: 8540, it is possible. There are a lot of talented athletes at that position currently on our roster

CrrrimsonFace: Congrats on a successful recruiting year, especially the uptick in in-state players. What do you see in the future for in-state recruiting?

Dave Emerick: Crrimson, it will always be our first priority to discover talent in state so we do look forward to more in state kids in the future.

fffws: Who can replace Dom on the fade route? How about a fade specialist? Jones has serious springs. How about Vinyard? How about Valentine Izundu on the BBall team?

Dave Emerick: fffws, C.J. Dimry has a chance to be that guy as well as the two big WRs we signed - Dezmon Patmon and Isaiah Johnson.

Dave Emerick: Thanks everyone for the time! Look forward to seeing some of you tonight. We are thrilled about this class - being able to sign 6 big OL, 4 play making WRs, and getting so much speed on defense are all areas that we emphasized. We are looking forward to Spring Ball and more fun on the field in 2016!

COUGFANcom: Dave has to run after more than an hour with CF.C subscribers, thanks Dave!

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