Bill Moos calls out Cam Newton

WASHINGTON STATE athletic director Bill Moos opened his radio show with a criticism on the way Carolina quarterback Cam Newton handled the postgame after the Panthers’ loss to Denver in the Super Bowl.

“I was disappointed in Cam Newton and how he conducted himself after the game in the press conference,” said Bill Moos. “He wants to be and he is the face of the NFL right now. He’s the MVP of the NFL. You don’t sit there with a hoodie on and mumble and then get up and leave the press conference.”

There have been reports Newton during his press conference could hear interviews with nearby Broncos players that were uncomplimentary towards his performance.

“I don’t care if there was a distraction or whatever,” said Moos. “You don’t see Tom Brady.. Peyton Manning.. you sure as heck wouldn’t have seen Bart Starr or any of those guys – there’s a little bit of responsibility that comes along with the Superman shirts and the poses and all of that kind of stuff. He’s one of the great ones of all time but that was disappointing to me.

Jason Gesser agreed with Moos, saying Newton is young but needs to understand the bigger picture.

“He has to grow up… you have to change, you have to mature as you get older,” said Moos. “You can still have fun… but step to the podium afterwards, understand what your situation is and understand what you have to do. Be a man about it and go about it in that way.”

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