Moos, Gesser believe in Kent's blueprint

ERNIE KENT’s basketball team is one loss away from matching a 10-game losing streak last seen at Washington State during the 2002-03 season. Bill Moos and Jason Gesser on the radio Monday offered their strong support of the coach. Both pointed to Mike Leach as an example of why better days on the basketball court under Kent are coming.

Moos said everyone is “bringing their A game” against Kent and the Cougars this season, similar to Leach's third year at WSU wehn the football team went 3-9.  Moos also emphasized the role stability plays in success.

“(Leach) didn’t do anything different in football (last year) than he was doing four years ago, or 14 years ago. And that’s what I like, that stability. It’s all about having the players and having them believe in the game plan,” said Moos.

“I promise you this: in a year from now, or by the end of this season, (or) the beginning of next season, you’re going to see that chemistry start to click and people are going to be excited to watch that,” said Gesser. “He’s doing the right things and building it the right way. It’s going to take some time for those guys to go out there and get a feel for each other.”

After a 79-64 loss to Arizona last week, Kent said he has a proven blueprint in place, with it taking longer than expected for the Cougar players to figure it out.

“The similarities between Mike Leach and Ernie Kent and what I saw in them when I hired them are that they are proven winners,” said Moos. “Ernie isn’t doing anything different, I can guarantee you, right now than he was doing at Oregon when he won three Pac-10 championships.. and went to two Elite Eights. The little things are taken care of, they lead to the big things.”

WSU plays 5 of its 7 final regular season games on the road, starting with Thursday's game at Colorado (7 p.m., Pac-12 Networks). The Cougars' record is 9-14 overall, with a 1-10 mark in Pac-12 play. 

“You don’t hear him make excuses,” said Moos. 

“One of the biggest things I loved about Coach Leach in his first couple years here is what you’re saying about Ernie Kent right now – he’s not making any excuses. He knows what it will take to push forward,” said Gesser.


Kent won one Pac-10 title and two Pac-10 tournament titles at Oregon. Over 13 seasons, his Duck teams went to the NCAA tournament five times. Kent's record was 235-174 (.575) at Oregon, with a 109-125 (.466) conference mark.

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