WSU football: How big are Luke Falk’s mitts?

AS THE obsession over a quarterback’s hand size continues in NFL and media circles, we had to ask Washington State’s Luke Falk: How big are your mitts?

“I’m not even sure,” said Falk. “But I’ve seen the (chatter) on a couple of occasions. I’d have to measure ‘em out, but I’m pretty sure they’re above average.”

According to ESPN, Sports Illustrated and others, NFL teams prefer a quarterback’s throwing hand to measure more than nine inches from the tip of the pinky to the tip of the thumb. 

Former Cal QB Jared Goff’s hands measured right at nine inches at the NFL combine -- and the speculation that Goff’s draft stock would drop as a result was immediate.

Former Arkansas QB Brandon Anderson's hand measured 8 1/2 at the Senior Bowl. But with the help of a therapist he had improved the flexibility in his thumb and pinkie and, over the course of a month, increased his hand measurement almost half an inch.  Falk had heard about it.

“I haven’t been too worried about it -- but maybe I’ll go see a hand masseuse or something,” Falk quipped.

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