WSU posts $13 million FY15 operating loss

WASHINGTON STATE on Tuesday released an expected budget deficit of over $13 million in Fiscal Year 2015. AD Bill Moos said in a statement the deficit is directly tied to the significant investments WSU has made since 2010 including the Cougar Football Complex.

WSU's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, so the FY15 numbers cover the 2014 football season, not the just-concluded season.  WSU posted a $13.2 million loss in FY15.  In FY14, the loss was $13.7 million.

This marks the seventh straight year the athletic department has posted a loss.

Among the highlights:

Moos, in a change from last year at this time, said the FY19 target for solvency may be pushed out, with Moos calling it a "moving target."  Moos pointed to the rising cost of attendance as one factor.  Moos said last year he expected to return to solvency in FY19 and possibly FY18 depending on revenue flow.

Moos said the Pac-12 may be willing to sell a share of the Pac-12 Networks to a partner.  He remains in favor of the 100 percent ownership by the conference of its network but that it has led to a loss of leverage in attempting a deal with DirecTV, as well as a shortfall from early estimates of what schools receive from the network.

The Pac-12 Network paid out $1.4 million this year to WSU.  Moos said the ADs at the time of the network's formation were estimating $5-6 million at this point.

Moos, who noted revenues have increased $15 million since 2010, reiterated that any new major construction projects would need to be funded through donations. He also said the new WSU president will determine when athletics starts to pay down debt.

Moos said he would be open to sponsorship dollars on naming rights to Martin Stadium and/or Beasley Coliseum but that the money would have to be substantial.

Washington State operating revenues and expenses for FY15 and FY14:


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