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3-star visitors David Morris and Cody Kanouse rave about WSU unofficial visits

WASHINGTON STATE's junior day on Saturday was quite the event for young college football prospects. Attendees included three-star linebacker David Morris and three-star o-lineman Cody Kanouse, who both told they had one heck of a time out on the Palouse. But what did the visits do for them recruitment wise?

For David Morris, it certainly raised his interest level in WSU.

“The visit was great,” the linebacker said. “I loved the facilities and the coaches. I really enjoyed watching the practices, too. There was just something different about the way WSU practiced, it stood out to me.”

But what exactly stood out?

“I’ve been on some other visits and the energy was kind of lacking in practices,” he said. “That wasn’t the case at Washington State, though. I just felt like there was a lot more enthusiasm with the coaches. It was a welcoming environment. I enjoyed that.” 

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The Sherwood, Ore., prospect currently holds offers from WSU, Oregon State, Cal, Hawaii and Colorado State. He’s also receiving interest from Washington, UCLA and others.

Of his five tenders, three stand out.

“As of right now, in no order, I would have to say the schools sticking out are Cal, Oregon State and Washington State,” Morris said. “I’m just trying to determine which school is the best fit for me.”

While he was out on the Palouse, though, it was clear that Pullman won him over. The coaches made a strong pitch, too.

“I’ve been talking with Coach Eric Mele and he just tells me how awesome everything is,” Morris said. “It’s a place where you go and there’s definitely a college feel. You’re almost like a celebrity over there because everyone loves football so much.

“That is cool to me because I get that sometimes here in Sherwood because it’s so small and high school football is a big deal. It’s nice knowing that if I were to go there, I’d get the same small-town feel. I like that kind of an atmosphere.”

Morris added that he’s hoping to come back to WSU later this summer for another visit, but he’s going to try and check out some other schools before doing that. He added that he has no timetable for when he’ll be making his decision.

As for Kanouse, the Peninsula High offensive tackle was also in town on Saturday and told CF.C he enjoyed his time on campus.

“It was great,” the 6-7, 290-pounder said. “It was good to see everyone again. I got there right when practice was starting and there was a really high tempo. All the coaches were very hospitable while I was there.”

This wasn’t the first trip to Pullman for the in-state hoss. He went to a WSU junior day event last year as a sophomore and then returned this past fall to see the Cougars face Stanford on Halloween night. Mele has been handling his recruitment since the two sides both started talking last year. 

“Coach Mele is my area recruiter and I’ve been talking with Coach Clay McGuire a lot,” Kanouse said. “Recruiting is all about giving love and making sure that I like the program. The coaches have been giving me a lot of compliments about myself and they’re also telling me a lot about the success they’re building.”

Kanouse holds offers from WSU and Idaho. He’s also receiving interest from Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Stanford and others. 

“I’m really interested in WSU right now,” Kanouse said. They’ve been giving me great love. They were my first offer and that speaks a lot. They’re definitely a great program filled with great people.

“As of right now, though, I’m planning on waiting until my senior season to make a decision. I want to take my time with things and see if other offers come along."

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