As confidence continues to grow, Washington State corner Darrien Molton may do more talking this year

WASHINGTON STATE CORNERBACK Darrien Molton let his play do his talking for him last year as a true freshman. As spring ball winds down, and his confidence continues to grow, he might have more to say out on the field in 2016.

Don’t expect Molton to suddenly become one of the bigger talkers on the team as a second-year sophomore. But there might be a little more jawing out there on the gridiron from the 5-10, 173-pounder.

“My freshman year I didn’t do too much talking,” Molton told CF.C. “Sometimes in practice we’d jaw at each other, but I can only recall two games where I talked. I stayed kind of quiet… But with my confidence level, my confidence is rising every day (this spring). I feel like I might talk a little more this year.”

Molton’s confidence extends to his fellow defensive backs.  WSU had 24 takeaways last season, 13 of which were interceptions. Both numbers signified huge improvements in defensive coordinator Alex Grinch’s first season. 

But Molton thinks the secondary is capable of better in '16.

“I think the defensive backs, we’re going to make a big jump this year,” said Molton. “I think we’re going to be a lot better and at every position. I don’t see any weak areas in the secondary. If we just keep working, committing to our technique and listening to Coach Grinch, I think the defensive backs are going to be very good this year.”

Molton is similarly high on the defense’s overall prospects.

“The defense as a whole is going to be really good – we just have to listen to coach Grinch and commit to doing our job and the fundamentals. We have to commit to playing hard every down and giving as much effort as we can. The defense as a whole, we’re going to bring a force this year,” he said.

Molton said it’s a bonus to have his DC also serving as his position coach.

“Coach Grinch knows everything about the DB position, he’s a great coach. He just wants us to be great. And technique is everything to him. It’s awesome having a defensive coordinator as the DBs coach, it just works well,” said Molton.

Molton said he’s working more on press coverage this spring, something that should allow for "more hands on the ball" and also to mess up the offense’s timing. He also said Grinch continually drills the players on having the mindset to finish.. every.. play.

“I’m just trying to be the best corner, to be one of the best in the country, that’s it,” said Molton. “Grinch always says takeaways equal victories. And we’re trying to find more ways to get hands on the ball.”

Molton at times made it look easy as a true freshman last year, but appearances can be deceiving, he said.

“The speed of the game when I first came in kind of shocked me a little bit, that was the biggest thing. But now everything is slowing down, the pace is slowing down. I’m able to not have to ‘think’ as much while I’m playing – that’s the biggest thing is just to be able to relax and not worry, ‘What is my assignment?’ I know it and can just go play my game,” said Molton.

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