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Report: Ernie Kent blocking Valentine Izundu’s SDSU transfer?

ERNIE KENT has restricted Valentine Izundu from transferring to SDSU, the center’s school of choice, because he believes that the Aztecs tampered in the transfer process by contacting the player before the season was over, according to a report in the Spokesman-Review.

At issue is a spring break trip to San Diego taken by Izundu, and teammate Que Johnson, who has also announced his decision to transfer. While there, the teammates attended the Aztecs’ NIT game against IPFW, with tickets Izundu says were provided by a friend.

Kent, asked by the Spokesman for comment, said; “We are going through transfer proceedings as mandated by the NCAA, as requested by the student-athlete.”

This afternoon Kent and Izundu will appear separately before a WSU faculty committee to make their respective cases.

The Spokesman also reports Kent, who initially restricted Que Johnson from transferring to any school on WSU’s schedule next season, has since lifted those restrictions. Both Izundu and Johnson are expected to graduate from WSU before transferring.

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