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When it comes to offering life advice, WSU coach Mike Leach sticks to basics with star QB Luke Falk

FORGET THE IRONING board. The Pirate has no interest in the plank, just the water — and presumably hot water.

On Saturday, when Ashley Adamson of the Pac-12 Networks asked Washington State quarterback Luke Falk the best life advice he’s received from Cougar coach Mike Leach the topic turned to ... laundry.

"If you’ve got wrinkles in your shirts,” Falk quotes Leach as saying, “you gotta put ‘em in your bathroom and turn the water on.”

Call it Steam Pressing the Mike Leach Way.

You can almost see George Foreman doing the infomercial for it right now.

“I heard that in my first phone call with Coach Leach,” added Falk, who completed 24 of 29 passes for 170 yards and 2 TDs in the annual Crimson and Gray Game. “That’s probably the best advice that I’ve applied to my life.”

But it’s not the only tip he’s received from Leach in the art of day-to-day living.

If someone is talking quietly and you can’t hear ‘em, “you just go ‘UH? UH? WHAT?’” said Falk, raising his voice to impart proper delivery. “So that’s what he does and I guess he gets a good answer out of ‘em.”

IN OTHER POST-GAME COVERAGE on the Pac-12 Networks, analyst Yogi Roth offered praise for the Cougar defense.

“It’s fascinating we’re not talking about just their offense anymore,” he said of the Cougars. “They (the defense) don’t get a lot of respect. It’s kinda like a raspberry beret in a second-hand store.

"Now you can focus on Alex Grinch and this defense. What I love is the swagger around this staff — I had a chance this offseason to spend time with their defensive line coach (Joe Salave’a), spend time with Roy Manning their outside linebacker coach, obviously Alex Grinch — they’ve got an attitude about them of 'not let’s hope we play well but we expect to play well.’”

Roth cited the Cougar D’s improvement last season in points surrendered per drive and red-zone defense and said that Grinch’s focus this spring on situational football — “the area where you can become a 10-, 11-, 12-win team” — puts them in position for a run at the Pac-12 North crown this season.

Roth and fellow Pac-12 analyst Curtis Conway said they believe the North will be a three-way fight among Washington State, Stanford and Washington. 



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