NCAA overturns ban on satellite camps

THE NCAA Board of Governors voted on Thursday to rescind a ban on satellite camps enacted earlier this month by the Division I Legislative Council. The ruling means Washington State will be able to have its coaches participate in camps this June in California.

In announcing its decision, the Board of Governors asked the Division I Legislative Council to “consider the entire recruiting model, including potential modifications to camps and clinics participation.”

"It's clear that the membership has differing views on this subject, and the Council appreciates the Board's insights into this important issue," said Council chair Jim Phillips. "This review will provide an opportunity to identify the most effective ways prospective student-athletes can have their academic and athletic credentials evaluated by schools across the country."

On Monday, the United States Department of Justice began an informal inquiry into the topic of satellite camps by calling college football coaches, conference commissioners and college administrators.

The NCAA had ruled earlier this month that camps must be held at the school's home, effectively handing a win to the SEC and ACC, which had banned their coaches from working camps at destinations outside a 50-mile radius from their schools.

Alabama coach Nick Saban was among the most outspoken against satellite camps before today's ruling, calling satellite camps "ridiculous" while WSU head man Mike Leach had been among the most vocal in criticizing the initial NCAA ban.

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