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Pac-12 revenue lags well behind SEC, Big Ten

THE PAC-12 has released its 2015 fiscal year numbers and each school received a bigger distribution than the previous year. The bad news is that the Pac-12 is running significantly behind the SEC and Big Ten.

The Mercury News’ Jon Wilner had an excellent breakdown of the Pac-12’s finances compared to the Power 5 conferences.  The Pac-12 distributed $25.1 million to its schools in FY 2015.  The SEC and Big Ten distributed $32.7 and $32 million to each school, respectively.

Pac-12 total revenue was $439 million, a 17 percent increase over FY 2014.  But the SEC's reported total revenue in FY 2015 was $527 million.

Among Wilner’s key takeaways: “We’re seeing the evolution of not two but three tiers of college football when it comes to wealth. First tier: The SEC and Big Ten. Second tier: Pac-12, Big 12 and ACC. Third tier: Group of 5 schools.”

The gap doesn't look to be an anomaly -- the revenue streams for the SEC and Big Ten are growing at a much faster rate than those of the Pac-12.

Meanwhile, the Pac-12’s expenses are considerably higher than its counterparts. The primary drag is the Pac-12 Networks but the conference makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly how much. 

Commissioner Larry Scott is the highest paid commissioner earning more than $4 million per year. Nine other Pac-12 employees earn at least $427,636, which is more than the second-highest paid employee at the SEC.

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