LUKE FALK COMPLETED 69.5% OF PASSES IN 2015 (wsu photo)

Forecasting WSU's win total and title chances + Luke Falk's Heisman odds

SEVEN TEAMS IN THE Pac-12, including Washington State, are projected to win seven or more games in 2016, according to oddsmakers at Las Vegas’ South Point Hotel and Casino. But here's what's really interesting: WSU’s Week Two opponent, Boise State, is one of only two teams in the nation predicted to win more than 10 contests.

Boise State and Clemson are each forecast by South Point at 10.5 victories this season – tops in the nation. Of course, BSU’s total is fueled in by its soft Mountain West schedule.

So you’d have to think the 1.5 losses South Point sees for BSU stems from the Broncs hosting WSU on Sept. 10 and BYU on Oct. 20.

Washington State is pegged at 7.5 wins for the season, tying the Cougs with USC and putting them behind Utah at 7.6, Oregon at 8, Stanford and UCLA at 8.5 each and Washington at 9.

Here’s how the rest of the Pac-12 stacks up:

Arizona 6 wins, ASU 5, Colorado 4.5, Cal 4 and OSU 3.5.

Idaho, WSU’s Week Three opponent, is slotted at 3.5 wins. Eastern Washington, WSU's Week One opponent, isn't included because it is an FCS school. WSU's 2016 schedule can be found here.

The Sporting News lists the entire FBS forecast produced by South Point here.

ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD OF LAS VEGAS, Westgate Resort and Casino recently came out with its odds for the 2016 Heisman Trophy. They put Washington State quarterback Luke Falk’s chances at 45 to 1, down from 40 to 1 in January. That places the reigning first-team All-Pac-12 signal caller at No. 20 overall.

Westgate sees three distinct favorites for the Heisman this year in Clemson QB DeShaun Watson (5 to 1), LSU RB Leonard Fournette (6 to 1) and Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey (7 to 1).

Besides McCaffrey and Falk, three other Pac-12 players made the top 20: UCLA QB Josh Rosen (20 to 1). Oregon RB Royce Freeman (30 to 1) and Oregon QB by way of Montana State Dakota Prokop (30 to 1).

AS FOR THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, Westgate puts the Cougars’ odds at 300 to 1. Stanford, at 30 to 1, has the highest odds in the Pac-12. The top five -- at between 8 and 6 to 1 each -- are (in order) Alabama, Michigan, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State.

Click to for the complete Westgate odds on the Heisman and National Championship.



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