Will ESPN's GameDay finally come to Pullman? Oct. 1 game between Cougs and Ducks is on their radar, producer says

WASHINGTON STATE’S Oct. 1 game in Pullman against Oregon is “definitely on” ESPN College GameDay’s radar, the show’s producer told Washington State grad and Boise broadcaster Jay Tust last week.

Tust invited GameDay producer Lee Fitting to join him on ESPN Boise radio ostensibly to talk about the chances GameDay would come to Boise for the BSU-WSU game on Sept. 10.

“It’s a great match up considering the seasons that those two teams had last year,” Fitting said, but he cautioned that games that same day such as Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee  are higher on the list.

Moreover, there’s that little fact WSU partisans have been waving OI’ Crimson every GameDay for 13 years in an effort to get the show to Pullman.

“Frankly, I think the Wazzu fans would have my throat if we went where they were on the road and not at home first,” Fitting told Tust.

That comment, of course, gave Tust the opening he needed.

“When you’re a Cougar, you can’t not ask when GameDay is coming to Pullman when you have a the producer of the show for 12 years on the line,” quipped the 2006 graduate of WSU’s Murrow College of Communication in a conversation with Cougfan.com.

Here’s Fitting’s answer:

“We’d love to go there. I’m sure Cougar fans think I’m full of it when I say that, but we really want to get to Pullman. Our core group of announcers and behind-the-scenes people have Pullman No. 1 on our list of campuses …

“I think it’s Oct. 1 they host Oregon. That game is smack dab on the radar for that week. It would be really great if both teams get off to a hot start …”

Presuming hot start translates to undefeated, that means the Cougs will need to dispatch Eastern Washington, Boise State and Idaho before Oct. 1, while the Ducks must vanquish UC-Davis, Virginia, Nebraska and Colorado.

“I was just telling somebody, last year, on that week we almost came to Pullman (Oct. 31), in my 12 years of producing GameDay, that was the most difficult decision on where to take the show. And it came down to Pullman (WSU vs. Stanford) or Philadelphia for the Note Dame-Temple game,” Fitting told Tust.

Ol’ Crimson has flown on GameDay 178 Saturdays and counting.

Fitting told Tust “we love the dedication” and “want to go back and give the folks in Pullman some love. But it has to fall on the right week … The time will come and at some point in time we’ll head to the Northwest.”

NOTABLE NOTE: On Tuesday, GameDay coming to Pullman received a Twitter endorsement from none other than ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit: 


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