Damn that bug!

PULLMAN - - Of all the acronyms in college football, one stands out above others for it's ability to weaken the hearts and minds of players, coaches, and fans, alike: <b>MRI</b>. Unfortunately, those three ugly letters have again combined, randomly entering the life of another Washington State player today.

Running back Allen Thompson's streak of injury free days has ended at seven. Having missed most or part of the past two seasons, Thompson re-injured his shoulder and is scheduled for a MRI later this week.

The rash of injuries thus far in fall camp - - both major and minor - - have left Coach Bill Doba and company feeling a bit anxious.

"I just want to stay healthy now," Doba said. "Because last night (Monday) we looked like we could've played the Chicago Bears."

A quick glance at the list of Cougars dinged up in the last few practices shows the injury bug is thriving this Palouse summer. Defensive tackle Tai Tupai has a sprained left shoulder and will be evaluated, as will defensive end Isaac Brown and his sore lower leg. Lineman Charles Harris and receiver Chris Jordan are suffering from a sprained knee and bum hamstring, respectively. Harris's status is unknown, but Jordan should be back in a day or two.

True freshman defensive lineman Jon Conlin had his MRI at 4 PM today, but the results are not yet available.

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