One tweet at a time: the wit and wisdom of WSU outside linebackers coach Roy Manning

IF YOU'RE NOT following Cougar outside linebackers' coach Roy Manning on Twitter, you're missing out. He's both pithy and informative, 140 characters a time. The last few days are a case in point.

No doubt finding some kids on the California recruiting trail concerned about playing college ball in a four-seasons locale, Manning fired up the map below that pretty well says if your ultimate aim is the NFL you might want to get used to cooler climes:

Manning, who played college ball at Michigan before moving on to the Green Bay Packers, also makes no bones about helping youngsters see the world more clearly, as these two tweets illustrate:

Manning also does a good job with plain old marketing and graphic design, as this tweet depicts:

But it's not all about recruiting with Manning. As we've documented before, his love affair with food and affinity for certain restaurants is a frequent topic for him but so are other aspects of life's simple pleasures, like playing the drums or visiting an old Cougar at an NFL mini camp ...

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