The Joe Cougfan Report, No. 2

PULLMAN - - Here it is, column No. 2. I'm feeling cocky already. I'm thinking about ending a few sentences with prepositions and using some borderline curse words just to see how far I can go. I'm all about testing limits, as long as those limits aren't physical. For those limits, I prefer to sit on my rear and watch others, which makes me a fan.

It's great to see all the preseason reporting going on by the guys who know what they're doing. With all this stuff to read, Cougfan is rapidly approaching levels that could seriously impair productivity at businesses all over the west, while early data suggests that this column is reaching the all-important shut-in and women's prison segments.

Fairly decent turnout for a first scrimmage on a Wednesday night. It was a good crowd, a few members of which kept my attention divided away from the happenings on the field. Bravo ladies, bravo. By the way, I am unattached.

Apparently, the opposition's punt returners will have to deal with yet another hazard in an already dangerous job. Heat from reentry seems to be making Kyle Basler's punts especially difficult to handle.

The swing pass to the slot receiver is apparently still in the playbook, though it definitely sends a chill through the crowd.

Matt Kegel looked great last night. Nary an incompletion. For those of you who still want to gripe about the guy, I think he doesn't double-knot his shoelaces, and there's a rumor that he rolled through a stop sign on his way to practice this morning.

George Yarno broke out a new page in the motivational book tonight. I can honestly admit I've never before heard the ‘brook trout' metaphor. Way to keep them on their toes, coach.

A healthy Trandon Harvey will be a very good thing.

Eric Frampton is going to have a breakout game one of these days, and some idiot sportswriter is going to put out a headline that says ‘Frampton Comes Alive!' Bank on it. (Editor's note: Damn you, Joe Cougfan!)

Defensive end Reyshawn Bobo is going to be a good one. He wreaked havoc when he was on the field with some great speed. He also has a good frame that will accept plenty of weight in addition to his listed 196 pounds.

Alex Brink looked great. I'm trying not to gush considering that this was his tenth college practice, but I was shocked that a skinny true freshman could look that good. He throws a great ball. Quick release, very tight spiral, sound mechanics. Arm strength will come with some time in the weight room, but I must say that I am impressed.

Look at the roster and pick a name that has a WR by it. That guy made a good play last night.

So there you have it. Scrimmage number one is in the books. The team looked good, as did a fair percentage of the crowd. They need to have more practices inside the stadium. Being able to sit down and do this job makes my life much more pleasant than that standing business, which just makes me cranky.

Enough about that slice of Heaven we call the Palouse, let's move on to that Montlake of Hellfire.

I hear Keith Gilbertson is considering bringing Don James's tower out of retirement. Good for him. Nothing says ‘God complex' like a guy with a bullhorn shouting orders from on high, though I would pay to watch him shimmy up that thing.

And bravo to the UW athletic department for granting Barbara Hedges a contract extension. It shows that in spite of what we say about them, they truly have a sense of sport. Taking Rick Neuheisel (and his dad—who knew he was crazy?) away was hard for all of us in Cougar Nation, but firing Babs would have been just plain cruel. Now she can keep feeding the softball program and fearing for her life, and we can keep watching the snowball gaining mass and speed on its way down Mount Rainier and into Seattle.

The best thing is that even the Husky fans can see it coming, what with the beautiful view from Husky Stadium and all.

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