Best WSU uniforms by decade: 1894-1959

LONG BEFORE THERE were different Cougar football uniform combinations, there were these. Here's Part I of our look at the best Washington State football uniforms by decade.

Cougar football began in 1894, back when the school was known as Washington Agricultural College. Of the photos we could find from those early years, it appears some of the players made their own. The '94 and '97 team photos featured what looked like long underwear the Michelin Man might wear. Meanwhile, the '99 uniforms were mostly evocative of prison stripes. The '95 squad pictured above looked best to our eye. Plus, they played with a football that you would definitely need to use both hands to hold onto.

The 1901 uniforms made a strong case for the next decade -- classic black with a prominent W on the chest. Meanwhile, the ’07 and ’08 unis incorporated lots of striping (to dubious effect). But assuming the 1909 squad wore the same uniforms on the field as they did in this team photo - just for trying something unique and different - that gets our vote.

The 1910 Cougar uniforms, similar to the ’01 group, featured classic black and the prominent W.

The 1920 Cougar teams just couldn’t get away from some sort of striping on the jerseys. The ’25 squad in our view were the best of the lot.

From what were able to surmise, the 1934 squad was the first Cougar football team with numbers on the jerseys.

Just like the past two seasons out on the Plaouse, the Cougs' white jerseys from 1947 would have shown up GREAT on television! (Alas, most Americans didn’t own a TV in ’47 and spent an average of five hours per day listening to the radio).

Apart from the ’51 team (more stripes) the 1950s uniforms featured a classic look. We went with the 1959 squad, with prominent numbers, for best of the decade.

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