Best WSU uniforms by decade: 1960-2015

WE LOVE the throwback jerseys -- it's hard to beat an old school look. But two of the best Washington State football uniforms of all time have come inside the last 20 years – one from just two seasons ago. Here is the second part of our look at the best Cougar football uniforms, chosen by decade.

Locating photos of the Cougar teams of the 1960s, team or otherwise, was a challenge – and don’t even ask about color photos. Still, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic look, as evidenced by linebacker Garner Ekstran on the ’60 team, our choice for best uniforms of the decade. (Note: We reserve the right to change this selection as we were unable to locate the 1965 Cardiac Kids team photo. The 1965-66 uniforms were as classic as it gets: A silver helmet with a crimson Cougar head and no stripes, a crimson jersey with a silver number and gray/silver pants with no stripes. On the road it was the same helmet, same pants and silver/gray jersey with a crimson number).

The 1976 squad was our choice for the best uniforms of the 70s. Of course, the Cougs could have suited up in culottes and plaid jerseys and Jack Thompson would have still made it look sharp.

The crimson looks a little bit off in this 1984 photo of Rueben Mayes but everything else is hitting on all cylinders. As a bonus, it reminds us how much we miss the days when a running back's shoulder pads were the size of picnic tables.

Out of all the WSU uniforms from 1894 on, these might be the best. The 1997 squad didn’t just go to the Rose Bowl that season, they did it in considerable style, as WR Chris Jackson demonstrates.

Going all crimson, that’s a gamble. But the 2003 squad pulled it off. (Side note: The 1994 squad featuring the Palouse Posse also went all crimson for the Apple Cup and if not for the '97 team, would have been our uniform entry for the '90s).

The all-white look (including helmets) that debuted in 2014 was an unqualified hit -- both in person and in HD. Indeed, when you play the team known for having the most uniform combinations on the planet and you still easily have the best uniforms on the field, that’s worth noticing, as WR Dom Williams shows here.


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