The latest on alleged assault involving WSU football players: CF.C speaks with Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant

IF YOU’RE HOPING for a quick resolution to the assault allegedly involving Cougar football players last weekend… it’s not coming. On Wednesday, spoke with Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant to get the latest on his department’s investigation and how Tennant is hoping the local community can help out.

Tenant said the PPD continues to work overtime in getting more facts and details regarding a Saturday morning assault, which sent one WSU student to the hospital and allegedly involved members of the Cougar football team. 

“We’ve been talking to plenty of people and we will continue to talk to more,” Tennant told CF.C. “We’re hoping to gather more information and see where it leads us. We don’t anticipate any news breaking in the next couple of days, though.”

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The incident occurred early Saturday morning at an off-campus house party, where WSU student Alex Rodriguez sustained multiple injuries, including having his jaw broken in several places.  Since then, six WSU football players have been named as persons of interest by the PPD.

“We’ve been working closely with the football team and they’ve been good,” Tennant said. “The Leach administration traditionally has been decent to work with. They’re good. There’s just a lot of people involved.

“It’s not just players, but students and normal people as well. We’re talking to a lot of witnesses and people right now. Anytime there’s an event like this, there’s a black eye. We’re dealing with young adults and they make mistakes. Hopefully they learn from them.”

Tennant added that his department’s main goal is to find the individuals responsible and that it doesn’t matter if they’re football players or not.

“You can’t point fingers at institutions,” He said. “There’s no reason to look at an athletic team, particular fraternity or organization. It’s not fair to everyone else in a group when you do that. We’re trying to break this down as individuals. We anticipate this investigation going on for 2-3 more weeks.”

A Snapchat video (see below) of Saturday’s incident was posted online over the weekend. It's been critical to the investigation, Tennant said.

“Yes, it’s been very helpful. In fact, I would love it if people had pictures taken at the party prior to the fight. One of the issues with the video is that there’s so much going on. If we had still photos, we could identify who was there. If people have photos at the event that they thought were irrelevant, we would love to have them,” said Tennant.


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