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Day Three of Washington State fall camp

LEWISTON - On the first Monday of fall camp players finally put some pads on after two sessions of helmet-only work. Was play more aggressive on both sides of the ball? CF.C's Skyler Cracraft put together highlights from the afternoon session featuring outstanding play by the offense.

There is usually an ebb and flow during fall camp. The defense dominates one day and then it's all about the offense the next practice. Put Monday's afternoon session in the win column for the Washington State offense.

1.     Morrow taking charge at running back

-       Fourth-year junior Jamal Morrow enjoyed his best day in camp so far. Out of the four backs competing for reps (Gerard Wicks , James Williams, Keith Harrington and Morrow) he was the one who stood out most to me. Morrow was making quick cuts and hitting holes hard as he broke off several long runs today. He’s showing a lot of versatility right now. Mike Leach demands that his running backs possess blocking skills which are critical to the success of the Air Raid offense. Morrow has also been extremely effective in the pass game catching balls out of the backfield and protecting the quarterback.

2.     Lewis becoming a playmaker

-       Fourth-year junior inside receiver Robert Lewis has come a long way from when he first arrived in Pullman. His hands have improved immensely and he’s finally becoming a guy that can accelerate through holes in the defense after he has the ball. A lot of what he’s been doing in fall camp so far is similar to what he did against Arizona State last season. Instead of flashes of talent, it's happening every day to begin this camp.

3.     Offensive Line

-       After three days of fall camp, the offensive line has started to open up some big holes for the crew of talented running backs. Now that shoulder pads are on, not only is the run game picking up, but pass protection has been close to flawless. Whether it’s a defensive line problem or an offensive line strength, there have been less than a handful of sacks recorded in the first three days.

We'll have a complete report of all the action on the field at Sacagewea Junior High School later this evening so check back for more exclusive coverage of Cougar football.

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