Washington State QBs: Photos and early fall camp analysis

LEWISTON – Fall camp at Washington State is only three days old, but it’s never too early to take a close look at how the Cougar quarterbacks are doing. For inside analysis, we asked our man on the ground, former Cougar defensive back Skyler Cracraft, to weigh in.

Luke Falk: The fourth-year junior and Heisman Trophy darkhorse is playing about as you’d expect three days into fall ball: Smart decisions, accurate throws and minimal errors. The dynamic duo of Falk-to-Gabe Marks started off camp strong, with the defense scrambling to challenge the combination in the early going.

Tyler Hilinski: As Mike Leach said before camp, the second-year freshman has been splitting the reps about 50-50 with Falk here in the early going. Hilinski has really stepped up his game in my book. He was off to a slow start the first day of camp, but bounced right back and has beaten the defense in the two practices since. He’s been sharp and very accurate with his throws. Hilinski likes to throw it deep a little more than Falk does, and sometimes that’s not the best decision, but he puts good touch on it and usually has allowed the receiver to go up and make a play.

A QUICK NOTE: It is tough to gauge the quarterbacks behind Falk and Hilinski due to the lack of reps they are getting to this point. Indeed, hard and fast conclusions simply can’t be drawn given the lack of reps but if you forced me to make a call, based solely on the first three days, I would opine Anthony Gordon might redshirt this year to give him time to learn the offense and develop in Mike Leach’s system. And if that’s the case, I would further envision that Christian Jorgenson and Trey Tinsley would ultimately dish it out for that third-string, emergency position behind No. 2 Hilinski.

Anthony Gordon: It was hoped Gordon might be able to arrive earlier in the summer to maximize his offseason workout and skelly sessions with the team, but a later arrival has him fully immersed for the first time in fall camp. From what little I have been able to see of him so far, Gordon shows good arm strength and puts a nice, lofty touch on deep throws.

Christian Jorgensen: The second-year freshman walk on has steadily improved since he arrived last fall. I haven’t seen many reps from him in this fall camp yet, but I know from first-hand experience in the Cougar secondary that Jorgenson is very poised when he’s behind the gun. He has a very good arm and good accuracy. If he can continue to build his confidence level, he could earn the No. 3 spot this season.

Trey Tinsley: The walk on sophomore looks to have a remarkably smooth release as well as solid footwork.  I believe based on what I've seen so far, he and Jorgensen are likeliest to battle for that third spot – assuming that Gordon does in fact redshirt this year.

Bryce Missey: The true freshman walk on has been running with the scouts so far, but has shown good quarterback characteristics when I’ve been able to watch him in warm-up drills. As Leach noted about recruiting quarterbacks in his post-practice interview Monday; “They have to be accurate. If they’re not accurate you shouldn’t be recruiting them.” Clearly this is one of the attributes Leach admires in Missey.

Justus Rogers, formerly listed as a QB/ATH since arriving in January, on Monday moved to the nickel position on defense. null

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