Customer service survey: WSU season ticketholders very satisfied in 2015

WASHINGTON STATE season football ticketholders had greater overall satisfaction last season than the college football average, according to customer service survey results obtained by Cougfan.com.

On a scale of 1 to 10, WSU season ticketholders scored their game-day satisfaction an 8.0, compared with the national average of 7.4.

That 8.0 mark is up from the 7.2 WSU tallied in 2014 and the 6.1 in 2013.

The results, compiled by the Surveyor Network, consider everything from parking to concessions to the video board. Victories, which are not factored, may have helped too, as the nine-win 2015 Cougs put together their finest campaign in more than a decade.

WSU’s improved customer satisfaction results also were reflected in “detractor” scoring – those who would dissuade others from buying season tickets. The national average in 2015 was 30 percent of season ticketholders and WSU’s was just 15 percent. Correspondingly, WSU’s ticket “renewal intent” score was much higher than the national average, 9.1 vs. 8.5 on a scale of 10.

One of the most illuminating pieces of data Surveyor Network compiled was proximity to venue.

Nationally, 46 percent of season ticketholders live within 20 miles of their team’s stadium. For WSU, only 15.5 percent live that close.

Indeed, 81 percent of WSU season ticketholders travel 50 miles or more to see the Cougars compared with the national average of 37 percent.

How season ticketholders spend their time before kickoff yielded interesting results as well. Thirty percent of WSU’s fans are engaged in “fan fest” activities (i.e. The Kid Zone and Hollingbery Field House) vs. 13 percent nationally. That explains why the percentage of season ticketholders who tailgate at WSU – 36 percent – is lower than the national average of 54.

In regard to the technology-related aspects of game day, WSU scored slightly better than the national average in every measure: video board quality; video board content; wireless service; and sound system clarity. WSU also scored slightly better than the national average in variety, quality and price of food and beverages.

INTERESTINGLY, THE SURVEY DATA for single-game purchasers was notably different than the numbers for season ticketholders.

Overall satisfaction for single-game fans in 2015 was 7.1 on a 10-point scale versus the national average of 7.7 and the WSU season ticketholder average of 8.0. Parking and seat location – despite anecdotally being better than at most major colleges -- appear to be the biggest drivers of the lower score for single-game buyers as the marks they gave for food and beverage, technology, safety and security were at or above national averages. 

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