Cougar Football: The Great Big Rolling Donut of Death

COUGAR DEFENDERS are eating a whole lot of donuts these days. Relax, WSU continues to employ its cutting edge nutritional plan. Rather, the Cougs have been utilizing a new piece of equipment this year out at Washington State. Here’s the story on the donut.

The donut has actually been in use since the spring at Washington State.  It holds several advantages over a traditional tackling pylon, the biggest of which might be this:

It moves.

Offensive ballcariers don't stand still waiting to be tackled. And the rolling donut enables defenders to track a moving target, and then to explode through the tackle (nose tackle Ngalu Tapa pictured above).

It simply offers a better form tackle drill than that of a stationary target.

D-coordinator Alex Grinch and the defensive staff at Washington State coach the Cougars to tackle low - and the donut better encourages a defender to get low, fully extend and use their hips.

The donut also helps better teach a defender correct positioning and technique by positioning his head on the outside of the circle.

Repetition, utilizing proper technique and positioning, breeds consistency.  And as the old saying goes, you play the way you practice.

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