All the number changes from the 2016 Washington State roster

WHEN WASHINGTON STATE faces off against Eastern Washington on Sept. 3, fans will catch a Cougar making a play and not immediately recognize the number. Sometimes it’s a freshman playing for the first time. But on other occasions, it’s because a player has changed numbers. Here are all the number changes from the 2016 Washington State roster.

Darrien Molton: No. 3  (was No. 22)

Tavares Martin: No. 8  (was No. 12)

Kyle Sweet: No. 17 (was No. 83)

Deion Singleton: No. 22 (was No. 39)

Hunter Dale: No. 26 (was No. 35)

Nnamdi Oguayo: No. 30 (was No. 53)

Noah Osur-Myers: No. 55 (was No. 70)

Amosa Sakaria: No. 77  (was No. 65)

Hunter Mattox: No. 97 (was No. 59)

Kaleb Fossum: No. 83 (was No. 38)

Tristan Brock: No. 53 (was No. 49)

CF.C fall camp photos from Lewiston




Oguayo and Mattox




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