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Detailed breakdown by voter of WSU in AP top 25 poll

YOU PROBABLY READ on Sunday that Washington State settled in at No. 29 in the “others receiving votes” category in the preseason Associated Press top 25. But did you know one AP voter placed the Cougs at No. 15, and four had Wazzu in their top 20? And get this: 76 percent of the voters who placed the Cougs in their top 25 reside outside of the West Coast.

All told, 17 AP voters slotted the Cougs in their top 25.  And 44 AP voters didn’t rank the Cougs at all.

We know this because of, a site that religiously tracks the AP poll voters and offers a level of transparency that had been lacking before 2014. 

We also like a site that asks, “Ever wanted to know what idiot ranked your team lower than all the voters? Our site allows fans to view comprehensive ballot information by week, team, and pollster.”

For Washington State, Michael Lev of the Orange County Register voted the Cougs the highest, at No. 15.  Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times had Wazzu at No. 16. Joe Dubin of WSMV-TV in Nashville voted the Cougars No. 17 on his ballot. And Adam Jude of the Seattle Times voted Washington State No. 20 (and earned the undying love of Husky fans everywhere by voting Washington a couple rungs lower at No. 22).

And this is interesting -- 13 of 17 voters who voted WSU in their top 25 are from outside the West Coast.

The 13 are from Tennessee (2), Michigan (2), Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana,  Nebraska, Ohio, Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. 

There are only seven voters in the AP poll on the West Coast including Hawaii, which means three of the seven voters on the West Coast (43 percent) didn’t vote Washington State into their top 25. If you add in Idaho, the split becomes 50 percent with four who voted for WSU in, and four who didn’t.  Like we said, interesting.

You can see the full WSU breakdown on HERE.

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