Shalom Luani tells Pullman PD he's the victim

NEW DETAILS CONTINUE to emerge regarding the alleged on-campus assault involving Washington State senior defensive back Shalom Luani. And on Thursday morning, CF.C spoke with Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant to get the latest information.

In case you missed it, Luani was arrested on early Wednesday morning for second-degree assault of a WSU student. A fight broke out at Domino’s Pizza, located on Greek Row at 845 NE Monroe St., sending a 20-year old male to the hospital with a broken nose.

However, Tennant informed CF.C on Thursday that shortly after Luani was arrested, he informed officers that he felt like he was being mistreated.

“He basically said it was a bunch of people picking on him,” Tennant said. “Luani said that he was the victim for being picked on. He didn’t talk about the physical altercation that went down.”

When Luani felt “picked on”, this wasn’t in a physical manner. Multiple sources, however, told CF.C's Barry Bolton Luani was "jumped" during the altercation and sustained injuries to his face. Note: After this story went to press, two sources said Luani suffered injuries to both his face and head.

According to Tennant, Luani became extremely agitated at Domino’s when it was taking too long for his pizza to be made and served. This sparked Wednesday morning’s incident.

“We got a call about a fight in progress in the Greek Row area of town,” Tennant said. “We arrived to Domino’s and they sell pizza, but there’s no sitting area. It’s a small building with a lobby. It’s a popular place after the bars close. People were there waiting and there was high demand, causing the pizzas to be served slowly.

“Luani got frustrated it was taking so long and began yelling and screaming. He was reportedly acting disorderly inside. Customers and staff members got tired of him yelling and a few (customers) continuously told him just to take his money and leave.”

Then things escalated, Tennant said.

“Someone opened the door for him and said, ‘get out.’ Luani didn’t like that and hit the guy in the face with an open palm, causing him to hit his head on the door. He and the victim went outside and Luani then threw 3-4 more punches, breaking the guys’ nose. Officers got there and the student was bleeding profusely from his face.”

Tennant said Luani left the scene on foot, but was then ID’d by the victim soon after and was taken into custody by the Pullman Police Department. Luani admitted to being at the scene and to consuming alcohol that evening. Luani did not discuss the physical altercation, though. 

The 2015 All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention selection was the lone arrestee in this incident and fully cooperated with police, Tennant said. 

“There may be another victim here,” Tennant said. “Witnesses said they saw another male leaving the scene holding his hand to his head. We’re trying to track him down.

“Theoretically, there should be video from the inside of Domino’s. We’re working with Domino’s to get that tape. We could possibly get our hands on that this week.”

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