Mike Leach radio quotes after loss to EWU

AFTER LOSING TO an FCS team in Washington State's season opener for the second straight season, Mike Leach on the radio broadcast after the game said the two best players on the field weren’t wearing crimson and gray.

“I thought there were some good things in spurts, but I thought it was in spurts. Eastern Washington played a more complete game than we did, they played together better than we did. I thought the two best players on the field were (Eastern’s) Cooper Kupp and quarterback (Gage Gubrud).  I think they’re a really good team -- and I said this all week,” said Leach.

And the supposed talent gap between the FBS and FCS?  Not as far as the front line starters are concerned, said Leach.

“I think we’re very evenly matched with our first-level guys and then after you get into the depth, that’s where we have a bit of an advantage. But this early in the season, I think it’s like this a lot.  We didn’t do our part. We just have to be more complete and execute better on all three sides of the ball,” said Leach.

Radio color man Jason Gesser asked Leach about the message to the team headed into Boise State in Week Two.

“We just have to focus on our jobs and assignments and execute ‘em fast,” said Leach. “I think some of the young defenders had a little stage fright. I think offensively we got into synch and had some really good drives and scored a bunch of points. But I thought we did some undisciplined things as far as the penalties, we got behind the sticks.

“And then special teams I thought we were up and down there, some good but also some not so good. We just have to play more consistent. The biggest thing is we have to make it simple enough that we can play fast.

“I thought the left side guys probably did better than the right side guys. We had a lot of things we could have sprung. If we just got a little more, we were going to get more yards on the ground. We were an eyelash away and then we just have to finish blocks.”

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