Cougar Confidential: WSU football alums weigh in following WSU loss to BSU

THERE WERE MORE than enough good plays made by Washington State Saturday night to come away with a win over Boise State, but that didn't happen. Cougar Confidential highlights insights from former WSU players about key areas the Cougs can build on.

MATT KEGEL (QB 2003 Holiday Bowl team)

Falk has guts and he is a competitor. If we can figure out how to be more aggressive on our vertical passing game I think that will help him and the offense.”

“Rypien as a sophomore, has a bright future. Great arm, good mobility just needs to sharpen his game management at the end of regulation and that will come with experience.”

“We never gave up and we showed fight,” said Kegel from the sidelines after the game.

GINO SIMONE (WR 2009-2012)

“Typically something that is an under-valued attribute, the effort River Cracraft puts in as a blocker stands out. He’s always looking for work which allowed other guys space all night.”

“(WSU) needs to continue to get the ball in Gabe Marks' hands in space. Gabe is too dynamic as a playmaker to not find ways to get room for him to be the weapon we’ve seen he can be."

"Tavares Martin had a huge night. He showed the ability to make tough catches in traffic as well as take screens and be very dynamic as a runner.”

SAM LIGHTBODY (OL 2000-2004)

"The O-Line needs to find a way to force their will on the defense while back peddling and kick stepping all night out of two point stances. WSU threw the ball over 70 times... By the end of the season these guys are going to have more experience pass protecting than I had in my whole college career. They have tons of upside to them and they are HUGE."

"They just need to keep playing with intensity, get nasty, take advantage of opportunities they get to run the ball...and remember that a field goal (attempt) isn't a rest play." 

"Oh yea, ...keep reminding Falk to step up in the pocket, especially in shotgun."

KYLE BASLER (punter 2002-2005)

“Both punt and kickoff teams looked solid from a coverage standpoint.  (Kyle) Sweet did a good job and had nice touch when pooch punting. Erik Powell consistently placed the ball deep making their offense have to go 75-yards."

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