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What They're Saying: Futility at BSU Edition

THE WOULDAS, couldas and shoudas abounded in Boise on Saturday for Washington State. The outcome figures to put the Broncos on track for playoff discussion given their mostly soft remaining schedule while the Cougs head into next weekend's game against Idaho with an 0-2 record and a season seemingly on the verge of life support after just eight days.

“Knowing in his bones that he was short of the first down on a quarterback sneak, Luke Falk stretched the ball outward as he sprawled to the turf. Wouldn't you know? It popped loose. The fourth-down play was ruled dead before the fumble, but it nonetheless symbolized the exercise in futility otherwise known as Washington State's 31-28 football loss to Boise State.” -- Dale Grummert, Lewiston Tribune

The horrendous officiating by the Mountain West crew cannot be used as an excuse for the WSU loss. That cannot be stressed enough. This Cougar team, right now, is not good enough to get six wins and go bowling -- let alone meet the expectations the fans, coaches and players themselves held so strongly just eight days ago.” -- Barry Bolton,

“WSU players and coaches have stated that last year’s team was not this year’s team, and that the onus is on the 2016 Cougs to find their own identity. Two games into the year, these Cougars are still searching.” -- Stefanie Loh, Seattle Times

“It’s like a boxer if he’s really good at hitting the bag, and then all of a sudden he fights a boxing match and he won’t throw any blows. That’s who we are.” -- Mike Leach

"I think as coaches we have failed to make this team as tough as it needs to be, starting with me. That’s going to change." — Mike Leach

"This has been miserable clock management by Washington State." -- Rod Gilmore, ESPN

“There may be some more of that old fourth-quarter magic left in these Cougars, but not enough for Washington State to fritter away its opportunities in the first three periods.” -- Jacob Thorpe, Spokesman-Review

“It wasn’t quite as fun for the crowd of 36,163, the fourth-largest in stadium history, as an almost certain win [for the Broncos] was put into doubt in the final minute.” -- David Southorn, Idaho Statesman

“The Cougars gave themselves a chance to win. But ultimately, you are what your record says you are.” -- Kevin Gemmell, ESPN

It wasn’t pretty at times, and it nearly was disastrous, but the Boise State football team will gladly take the result.” — B.J. Rains, Idaho Press-Tribune

"The (Cougar) offense played great from its own 20 to the opposite 20, but squandered opportunities once they got near the red zone. Whatever was working in the mid-field just didn’t work once they got closer to the end zone. Two of Luke Falk's three touchdown throws (let's be real – one was a shuttle pass) came on passes that were thrown outside of the red-zone.” — Skyler Cracraft,


WSU's season of destiny looking like season on the brink after 8 days.


Sooooooo how much is #WSU looking forward to playing on some green turf??


The clocks Mike Leach manages are the same ones Dali painted


WSU puts its fans through an emotional rollercoaster.


It's one thing is to have no talent and lose. It's another thing to actually have talent and lose. And that's why I'm annoyed with the cougs


Anyone still think the Cougs would have lost last week with Luani in the game?


Safe to say ... every game the rest of the season is a must win game


You guys are gunna be shocked when WSU runs the table in Pac-12


Come on Cougs...believe


Love the guts the Cougs showed. Hate the coaching decisions to forgo fgs in the 2nd half.  It's still #GoCougs


Me, 9 days ago: hey Cougs could win 8 or 9 this year, easy. Me, today: hey at least Idaho is on the schedule so we can win at least 1


Was it frustrating? Yes. Still proud of how the Cougs played, specially in the second half. Now let's beat Idaho! #WSUvsBSU #GoCougs


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