Washington State president Kirk Schulz, AD Bill Moos to meet with Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins on Thursday

IT TURNS OUT BILL MOOS had more to say after all. Hours after a statement from Moos acknowledging recent events involving WSU football players and saying there would be no further comment, Moos told ESPN that he and Washington State president Kirk Schulz would meet Thursday with Pullman police chief Gary Jenkins.

Schulz confirmed the meeting later on his twitter account.  Leach on Tuesday objected to police statements in the media regarding three recent incidents involving Cougar football players.

Asked by ESPN if he agreed with Leach that police are targeting football players, here's what Moos said: "I don't know if they are deliberately doing that. I think our guys are the most recognizable. When you're in a group and there is a party ... a big guy stands out. This is an intimate enough campus. There, students know who the athletes are."

One of Leach's primary objections are the media reports quoting Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant on the incidents.

Jenkins, however, told ESPN all police conduct has been above board in his view.

"I just want to make it clear that my staff hasn't done anything wrong in any way," Jenkins is quoted by ESPN.

"He's doing what any good football coach would do," Moos said of Leach to ESPN. "He's trying to protect his players. There is no coach I've ever been around in my long career as an athletic director that is more of a disciplinarian than Mike Leach. He's got solid rules that pertain to drug testing, assault of women, and robbery that are no-tolerance. He's tough on fighting, too."

"Comments to the media have distorted the facts and already condemned football players in the court of public opinion," said Leach after practice on Tuesday. "Many of the statements are incomplete or totally false... Unless we are supposed to believe that these football players fought themselves, then there are numerous other guilty parties. That is clearly the case. If any of these allegations are true, I have not read anyone else's name in the newspaper."

You can read the full ESPN article HERE.

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Moos' statement released at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday:

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