Despite WSU win Cougs drop from bowl picture

ESPN suggests WSU fans need a reality check.

Kevin Gemmell of ESPN is less than impressed by the way Washington State has started this season. The 1-2 start for the Cougs might not bode well when it comes time for post-season bowl invitations to be handed out. He got straight to the point about WSU's bowl hopes.

"We’re dropping Washington State for now. Although the Cougars (1-2) won this week, they have three straight games after their bye week in which they face Oregon, Stanford and UCLA. Let’s say -- realistically -- they go 1-2 in that stretch and score an upset. They would then be 2-4 at the halfway point, meaning they’d need to win four games against ASU, Oregon State, Arizona, Cal, Colorado and Washington. I can see one or two, maybe three. But that’s assuming an awful lot. Or they could go on a run and win six of eight, as they did last year, and silence their critics. Again, big assumptions."

Though WSU dominated Idaho Saturday, they aren't the only Pac-12 team to have done so. The guys wearing the purple unis over on the west side of the Cascades spanked the Vandals 59-14.

When factoring in two losses for the Cougs by a total of 6-points, experts are jumping off the Washington State bandwagon at breakneck speed. It's all about wins and losses.

With four conference teams undefeated at this early juncture, Stanford, Washington, Utah and ASU, the last three of those need just three more wins to be bowl eligible.

Gemmell pared down his belief it might be possible 10 of the 12 teams in the Pac-12 would go bowling. Though Colorado is still one of his picks, Washington State isn't.

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