WSU president Kirk Schulz' budget plan for Cougar athletics has Wazzu students in uproar, reports S-R

WASHINGTON STATE president Kirk Schulz and athletics director Bill Moos presented to the board of regents last week a plan that calls for asking students to pay an additional $50 per semester in order to help balance the athletics budget. WSU students, the Spokesman-Review reports, are not happy about it.

“The prevailing sentiment among students, based on numerous social media comments, is that they’re unfairly being asked to ‘bail out’ the athletics department for financial decisions in which they had no say," the S-R article reads. "An editorial from the student newspaper, the Daily Evergreen, says the proposal 'rewards financial irresponsibility.' And one student wrote a letter to that paper, likening the athletics department to a greedy restaurant patron: ‘When was the last time you went to an expensive steakhouse, ordered more food than you needed and gave the bill to a stranger on the street?’"

The proposed $50 student fee per semester is one piece of Schulz' plan to make the athletics department solvent by 2020. Other increased revenue would come from support from the university, the doubling of spending from the Cougar Athletic Fund and the revenue from expanded beer sales in Martin Stadium, with the latter having hit a snag. 

The estimated net revenue from the expanded beer sales for a full 7-game home slate, reliable sources have told CF.C, was a cool $1 million for this season. But WSU has already lost two of those home game opportunities, erasing a potential $286,000.  The S-R article today quoted Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board spokesperson Mikhail Carpenter saying there’s no telling when, or if, they will grant WSU approval.

“The board has additional questions,” Mikhail Carpenter says, adding that board members are employing extra scrutiny on WSU. “There’s really no timeline on it. This would be precedent-setting. No other university in the state has expanded alcohol sales so any decision would resonate across the state.”

NOTE: Schultz took to twitter after this CF.C article was published:

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