The short answer when it comes to Washington State center Riley Sorenson: It's bigger than football

IT'S EASY TO forget 'em, particularly in light of recent off field incidents and the news coverage of said. But there are so many great stories when it comes to Cougar football. Take Riley Sorenson for example. KREM-TV in Spokane on Friday took a look at how the fourth-year starting WSU center has come out the other side after suffering such a huge amount of personal adversity -- things no one should have to endure, especially over so short a time.

“Shoot, it’s been a hell of a year for me,” Sorenson tells KREM. “Obviously, there’s a grieving process. You have to kind of just wrap your head around it. Know what you want to do, know that they’d want you to carry on.

“There’s been so much support from all walks of life because we’re all WSU Cougars and it’s been really crazy to see."

One of the biggest lifts came when Mike Leach and the WSU coaches, working a summer satellite camp in California, made sure to go out of their way on a bus so they could visit Sorenson at home. Some of Sorenson’s Cougar teammates were there too.

“They all walk in the door, it’s like ‘Oh my god, where did this come from?’” said Sorenson.

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