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Washington State coach Mike Leach: Would I like to be President? Yeah, I think I would. But ...

MIKE LEACH WAS asked in a radio interview if he'd like to be President of the United States. "Yeah," said Washington State's coach, "I think I probably would. But ..."

Leach followed up by saying if you threw some pixie dust around and he was elected to the job, after about a month or so he'd probably wish that he hadn't been.

We'll get to Leach's earlier Pac-12 media call on Tuesday but first, as told to John Canzano on his 750 The Game radio show, a few words on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the debate, the presidential election and more from ... Future President Elect Mike Leach.


On Tuesday morning, Leach tried to close the book on his player's pizza parlor incident which didn't warrant prosecution by Whitman County during the weekly Pac-12 coaches conference call.

Since WSU athletic director Bill Moos and Pullman police chief Gary Jenkins conducted a joint press conference on Sept. 16, WSU head coach Leach has limited his comments on any incidents involving his players to basically two words. "No comment."

No surprise, then, by the response Leach offered when asked if he was pleased to see the Whitman County Prosecutor offering a more complete version of the incident, including the name of one participant involved, which led to the arrest of Luani.

"I really don’t have a lot of additional comments on that than the ones I’ve already made," said Leach. "We’re just interested in seeing justice."

Leach did say that the player recruiting process is as fluid as ever.

"I think it constantly shifts all the time," affirmed Leach. "Recruiting also develops into a bit of a social event where some of the guys just want attention, too."

The WSU strategy and planning for bringing prospects to Pullman for an official visit will remain the same as last year.

"Generally not," said Leach about bringing student-athlete recruits to campus during this season. "Our best visits are in December."

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Staying with the topic of adding talent to the Wazzu roster, Leach sounded hopeful he wouldn't have to follow the path of Oregon's coach Mark Helfrich.

For the second consecutive season, Helfrich has brought in a FCS transfer to play quarterback. Vernon Adams graduated from Eastern Washington then signed on to run the Duck offense last year. This year Dakota Prukop arrived in Eugene after graduating from Montana State.

Would Leach ever be interested in bringing in a talented transfer quarterback?

"It depends if you need one," responded WSU's head man to the possibility of adding a player with just one year of eligibility. "If you’ve got a guy waiting in the wings that you think could do a pretty good job, you might play him. But if you’re in a tough look for a JC guy or whatever you can find."

Recent Cougar games with the Ducks have been razor close on the scoreboard. The outcome of the contest this Saturday in Martin Stadium (Pac-12 Network, 6:30pm) could very well come down to a field goal conversion.

WSU has yet to convert a field goal this season, missing their first three tries. One of the strengths of special teams play last year was the efficiency of the place kicking unit. Leach never expected what's happened in 2016.

"(Erik Powell) has been striking the ball pretty good and he’s been kicking off really good," began Leach's comments on WSU's FG attempts. "I’m surprised he’s missed as well. He’s just got to hit his stride on it. It’s not a real exact thing. It’s not like you can go out there and say, ‘Go out and kick 100 more and okay you got it, you know’."

Leach is confident he has the right man coaching special teams, Eric Mele.

"Real smart. Real knowledgeable," was Leach's description of Mele. He went on to add, "Just a very aggressive work ethic and a rapport with the players.  He’s steadily improved in his role now."

Leach was asked if he had a connection to Mele prior to his coming to Pullman. "Not really, he just followed what we do on offense.  There’s a group of guys nationally that have always kind of followed what I run offensively in the past. He was one of them so I’d run into him from time to time."

When it came to bringing Mele on board the Washington State coaching staff for the quality control position, you might be surprised on how the deal was done.

“He really just kind of came out and refused to leave."


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