New WSU Martin Stadium permanent gates a result of safety and health concerns. That, and some asshat behavior.

WASHINGTON STATE was busy installing new permanent gates in Martin Stadium on Wednesday, a continuation of the process in replacing temporary barriers put up earlier this summer at multiple points of access. So what gives?

That WSU had still allowed such public access to Martin Stadium was an awfully nice touch. Many schools don't. But circumstances have become such that it couldn’t continue. 

CF.C’s Zach Anders inquired of WSU earlier this summer when the temporary barriers were up but didn't hear back, and WSU SID hadn’t returned a message today from at press time -- but enough people with direct knowledge of the issue have spoken to CF.C that we can tell you what’s going on. 

It’s a safety and health issue. And obviously, a situation WSU had no choice but to act on.

There has been both vandalism and litter in Martin, over a long stretch of time and on multiple occasions, from individuals using the open public entrances.  And then, the dagger, pun intended. 

Two knives were found left behind inside Martin, prompting increased urgency for WSU to install the temporary fences in July.

IT WAS SURE NICE while it lasted -- for students, alumni and others to enter Wazzu’s football stadium at most any open time and on most any given day. You could walk around and take pictures, you could sit down and have a bite, or read a book.

But when some asshats are going to repeatedly treat that generosity by leaving behind their knives, or their garbage, or commit vandalism, that pretty much settles that.  

Zach Anders contributed to this article

* Temporary gates are still in place at some access points.

* The gate closest to the Crimzone.

* The walkway under the student section is still open, but the individual gates to each section are closed.

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