"I don't think that'll be the same Stanford team we'll face," says Mike Leach. Head man also dishes on the Cougar offensive

PULLMAN – Washington State head man Mike Leach spent a lot of time in his Monday presser talking about the Cougar offensive line. He offered his assessment on how the unit has progressed, whether they prepared differently, and also where the Cougar o-line technique and alignment stems from. He also said which Stanford team he's expecting down in Palo Alto on Saturday (7:30 pm, ESPN).

After the 51-33 win over the Ducks, Cougar running back Gerard Wicks mentioned that Leach has been spending more time with the offensive line and running backs during their inside run period, rather than with the receivers and defensive backs in their 1-on-1 period.

Leach was asked about the change and had this to say about it:

“Yeah I just thought we were too passive. This business of somehow there’s a different practice speed than game speed, you know, just a typical, ‘Oh don’t worry coach I’ll do it in a game type of crap’ – No. I told them your body better move right and if I don’t like the expression on your face I’ll tell you … We did that ‘Everyone ran fast and we’re all happy for the time being.’”

Here are 6 more notable quotes from Leach’s Monday presser:

1. “We put a lot of emphasis on fundamentals, and if we didn’t get them right then we raised hell. You know, the biggest thing is we want quick, fast, and active bodies out there. Run game-wise in particular would have to do with lineman getting out of their stances, coming off the ball fast, running their feet on contact. ‘Backs doing the same thing, and hitting the hole real hard –  and I feel like, for the most part, we did that. Not perfectly, but we definitely improved on that, I thought.”

2. Leach talking about a stat that showed WSU as the top team in pass protection in the Pac-12: “I think Luke (Falk) does a good job of getting rid of it. I do feel like we’re improving on the offensive line and I feel like we’ve got a long ways to go. Kind of goes hand in hand, you know, he stays out of harms way and they’re doing a good job keeping people out of there.”

3. “As far as pass protection, we talk about: ‘Head back, hands up, get depth, stay square.’ As far as those four elements, we’re the ones who came up with those terms.”

4. “We were in two-point stances nearly before everyone else was. We drew that from others, predominantly BYU back then. Now nearly anyone you play’s got a two-point stance on the thing. I don’t think Stanford does.”

5. Leach was asked who graded out the best on the O-line?  “I thought Cody O’Connell did.”

6. Leach on Stanford’s embarrassing loss to UW: “I was surprised but, you know, Washington’s a good team and you know, a powerful team. One thing key with Stanford is to be physically strong enough to address the problems their offensive line gives you, and Washington’s strong up front. I think they got on their heels and stayed there, and just didn’t manage their way out of it.

"I don’t think that’ll be the same Stanford team we’ll face.”

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