WSU handicaps the WSU homecoming uniform vote; Want a say? Here’s your guide, and how to cast your vote

WASHINGTON STATE is giving its alumni and fans the opportunity to decide what uniforms the Cougs will don for homecoming vs. UCLA one week from Saturday. And is here to handicap the race.

In last year’s vote, CF.C's choice in the first round didn't make it to the final four -- but we remain as opinionated as ever.  Here's our assessment of each of the five choices, and a recommendation on which combo should earn your vote.

No. 1 (white helmet/anthracite jersey/white pants/anthracite socks)
Without question this is the best looking BUT we regret the lost opportunity to read the names on the backs of the jerseys. Still, many of WSU's greatest names starred in white helmets including Clancy Williams, Hugh Campbell, George Reed, Gail Cogdill, Keith Lincoln, Bob Newman and Don Ellingsen.  This combo, outside of all anthracite, would be the most unique WSU has ever worn in its history. Moreover, for fans of the blood and guts Oakland Raiders of the 1970s, the combination is emblematic of head-cracking glory. And you just can’t go wrong with the icy-white helmet atop a deep, dark gray.

No. 2 (anthracite/crimson/anthracite/crimson)
You're basically looking at the standard home uniform, except the pants are anthracite rather than gray. It's definitely a natty option, but too close to the standard home uni to warrant the top spot in a WSU fan vote.</p>

No. 3 (crimson/gray/crimson/anthracite)
Talk about turning heads. In the photograph the helmet looks extraordinarily metallic (and clearly many times more powerfully bright than the sun). If that helmet is something new and unique from Coug Equipment, and not just a quirky publishing effect, that helmet could  change this sartorial game.  The combo strikes a balance between crimson and gray, and looks different than just about anything else you're going to see on Saturday's ESPN highlights. We endorse lucky No. 3 as our second favorite option and encourage you to not only vote early, but vote often!

No. 4 (anthracite, gray, white, crimson)
We like it. It’s got all the colors of the Cougar rainbow and it looks pretty darned sharp.

No. 5 (gray/anthracite/gray/anthracite)
The famed Cardiac Kids of 1965 wore all-gray head to toe on the road, but this is a more stylized, sleeker version – with anthracite as the jersey color--  and that makes it interesting.  But alas, the days of the Beatles playing Shea Stadium are long gone, so this one gets a thumbs down.

Voting ends October 12 at midnight (PT). The combo with the most votes will be seen when the Cougs host the Bruins on Oct. 15 (7:30 pm, ESPN or ESPN 2). 

Click here to cast your vote and select your favorite uniform combination.

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