Wazzu WR Gabe Marks big fan of Coug DC Alex Grinch

PULLMAN – Has any team done a bigger about face than the Cougs? Wide receiver Gabe Marks, right guard Eduardo Middleton and cornerback Darrien Molton on Monday all talked about the differences in the Cougars since Week 1, and what Washington State needs to do to keep piling up the wins.

“The defense is definitely the energy of the team,” Marks said. “The addition of the run game and the defense is very much welcome to me. I’m a very big fan of balance at this point in my career… “I think we’re a good team. I’ve been saying that since the end of last year. I think we’re really good.”
Marks also had some notable comments on defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach Alex Grinch:
“Grinch is the man. Grinch is going to be a really good head coach one day I figure. It’s inevitable, you know what I mean. The way he’s able to lead those guys over there on defense and the energy that he brings to the team – from day one I was like ‘alight this guy’s not to be messed with’. And he doesn’t even coach me, like I barely see him at practice ‘cause they’re doing their own thing. But I can feel like I want to make plays for him. He’s got that kind of personality about him where you just want to play for him," said Marks.



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