Based on recent report, the prospects for expanded beer sales at Washington State this season appear all but dead

BASED ON A recent report, the prospects for expanded beer sales at Martin Stadium – once considered a virtual lock for the season opener – appear to be all but dead for this season.

According to pullmanradio.com, the Washington Liquor Control Board held two public meetings back in September.  But the agency’s media relations staff subsequently refused to comment on the application, according to this article.  News Talk for the Palouse then submitted a public records request for the meetings’ minutes.

“The minutes reveal differing opinions from agency administrators,” the pullmanradio.com article reads.  “The notes from the first meeting (Sept. 6) reveals that Liquor Control’s Compliance and Policy Manger Sharon Hendricks initially told the board that most of her concerns have been addressed.  Hendricks added that expanded alcohol sales in martin with a no re-entry policy would allow WSU to better control consumption and safety.

“That changes dramatically the next week when the board discusses the plan for a second time.  The minutes from (Sept. 13) which are difficult to understand at times, provides some insight into the delay.  Liquor Control Board Licensing Director Becky Smith discussed “lessons learned” involving her staff regarding the WSU request.  She informed the board of a new policy requiring “sensitive issues” to be brought to a “higher level sooner.” 

“…The board has cancelled its first 4 meetings of the month... New WSU President Kirk Schulz has stated that the expanded beer sales in Martin Stadium would generate a million dollars in new revenue a year.”

Saturday’s homecoming game will be Washington State’s fourth home game, with only three remaining games in Martin this season.

WSU after Saturday will have lost appx. $572,000 in net revenue due to the delay. 

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