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CFC TV: WSU players relieved in victory over UCLA

PULLMAN - Washington State has now entered a fourth straight week of a running game all can marvel at.  The ground game helped carry the Cougars to victory without a passing touchdown. Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

Washington State players entered the post-game press conference late into the evening with a now familiar post-win grin we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on Saturday nights. Thanks ESPN.

First it was Gerard Wicks, rushing from just outside the goal-line to put the Cougs up by 10 early.

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“That surprised me, that’s shocking” Wicks responded after learning the Cougars didn’t have a single passing touchdown in the game. “Coaches have really put it on us every week, they’ve been cranking up on us you know? And it seemed like they were going to put it on us one way or another, so we all decided you know, to finally come through and play as a team, that’s the biggest thing. We just played one play at a time."

Marcellus Pippins joined him at the table after having a night of his own, pulling in an interception that brought the Cougar offense onto the field only to give it right back to UCLA.

“We just have to have a better understanding of finishing a game out, there was no let up at all, but they were having a good drive late, we have to know how to respond and finish it out.” Pippins said.

Falk had, what Mike Leach might describe as a good effort.

“Luke could have played better, and I think he’d agree” Mike Leach said.

Center Riley Sorenson took the stand and discussed the offensive line’s identity after proving themselves in both running and passing aspects of the game.

.“As offensive linemen, everyone loves to run the ball," Sorenson said. "We come here (WSU) because we’re all good pass blockers, but if someone says we like pass blocking more than we like run blocking, they’re lying. It’s just more fun. You just get to impose your will on people.”

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