Cougar Confidential: Stallworth & others check in with their take on WSU win over UCLA to remain undefeated in Pac-12 play

WASHINGTON STATE fought with intensity for 60-minutes to earn a conference win over UCLA Saturday night by a final score of 27-21. Cougfan.com reached out to former Wazzu players for their take on WSU's third consecutive Pac-12 win. Here's what they had to say:

Tim Stallworth (WR 1986-1989)

"WSU started off slow. The expectations for the Cougars offense to score a lot of points wasn't there last night, but that's part of the game. Our wideouts all were able to contribute once again with some great catches by River Cracraft and Tavares Martin as well as execute on some crucial fourth down plays. Our backs did well getting the ball in the end zone. The goal is to play for the victory, which collectively the Cougars did."

"Defense really played well causing some turnovers at the right moments to give the offense a chance to score."

"Every Pac-12 game is gonna be tough, but I'm very excited for the progress the Cougars have made week-to-week. Go Cougars!"

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Rod Retherford (DB 1981-1982, ‘81 Holiday Bowl team)

"This game had you on the edge of your seat. Although the Cougar offense seemed a bit off, WSU completed only 24 of 48 through the air, the Wazzu defense stepped up and got it done again. The big boys up front put the heat on, and kept the heat on the whole game. The D bottled up UCLA's running game and the Cougs played pretty good pass coverage throughout the game.

"This D gets after it and stays after it till the end of the game, rising to the occasion."

"I'm a defensive man. From that stand point I have to say as a former cornerback, I sure would have loved to line up across from River Cracraft (pictured above). He's a talented player and exciting to watch. As a WSU defensive back, I had the pleasure of covering some great receivers and Olympic sprinters like Jo-Jo Townsell of UCLA and Willie Gault of Tennessee. No question I always enjoyed the intensity of matching up man-to-man. River doesn't just catch the ball, he makes GREAT catches. Just felt the need to give the boy my nod. You're an artist in the air pard. Great job."

"Now back to the defense and my biggest takeaway from this game. This D is just that-- a takeaway defense. They get after it and stay after it from beginning to end and they are ball hawks on every play. They are always rippin' at the ball . WSU had four takeaways with two forced fumbles and two interceptions. Offense scores the points but defense wins games and right now I'm diggin' what our defense is doing. Keep it up boys and Go Cougs!!!"

Pat Rooney (K 2007-2009)

"Last night's game was a fight -- and it was an awesome fight to watch. Special teams were a huge factor. I believe Erik Powell's first field goal was a game changer. It gave the team momentum going into the half that all pistons can fire at once!"

"The punting game did well and gave the defense great field position by pinning UCLA deep in their territory. The same can be said for the kickoff coverage. (Kyle Sweet's) last punt put the ball inside the five at the two yard line with less than a minute to play."

"I think special teams stepped up huge this week. They look like they are getting better every week. Cougar Nation is proud."

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