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Cougar Confidential: Lightbody & company weigh in on Wazzu win over ASU, 37-32

WASHINGTON STATE SET ASIDE 15 years of frustration and defeated ASU for the second consecutive year. This time around it was on the Sun Devils' home turf which had been the scene of aggrivation for Cougar football. This week's edition of Cougar Confidential features former WSU players offering their insights and takeaways from Wazzu's fifth win in a row.

Sam Lightbody OL (2000-2004)

"Proud of the big guys up front for the win Saturday night, but I can't imagine they will have a great time reviewing film on Sunday. (Luke) Falk shouldn't be getting hit that much, especially when ASU was only bringing one extra defender for the most part. It looked the line was picking up the correct responsibilities in their slide protection and handling stunts. But the backs were popping out a little early to pass routes and didn't see delayed blitzes in the beginning of the game."

"Adjustments were made and they were firing on all cylinders by the third quarter. Have got to hand it to ASU's front seven. They were relentless and physical. They out played our O-Line in the fourth quarter but we had enough to take the win. Hope everyone gets healthy and is back for OSU next week."

"Like coach (Mike) Price used to say, there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. In this case it's Oregon State. They have nothing to lose and that makes them dangerous. Don't take them lightly. Keep this streak going! Go Cougs!"

Gino Simone WR (2009-2012)

"On a night where the Cougs came out and looked a little flat to begin the game, they eventually delivered what was a program defining win to me. They had to grind that game out in a way the we haven't seen the Cougs be able to do in years."

"River (Cracraft) and Gabe (Marks) are both such such reliable play makers for the offense. It was really fun being in the stands to watch those guys go to work."

"First kickoff return for a touchdown since long before my playing days. Robert Taylor has SPEED! "

"Overall gutsy, hard fought win for the Cougs. My Sun Devil family (dad played there in the 80's, Jordan last year and my sister is a sophomore at ASU), well, they'll be hearing a lot from me about last nights game until next year! GO COUGS!"

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Pat Rooney K (2007-2009)

"With everything going on in the media leading up to this game, the Cougs had to have known it was going to be a tough game. (Luke) Falk did a great job creating time for plays to develop."

"Special teams did a good job with their game plan this week. ASU has some weapons on special teams and WSU did a great job kicking away from them and limiting their involvement. I liked how they carried their momentum from last week. Erik Powell looked confident once again this week."

"They battled hard as the clock wound down. I can't lie. I did get a bit nervous in the last five minutes. But the defense came out and buckled down. They played with a purpose to pull off the first win in 15 years for WSU playing ASU in Tempe. This team is showing that they can play just as well on the road as at home."

Joshua Duin OL (2002-2006)

"It’s starting to look like a… I don’t want to say a “special” season because some people might be superstitious about that, but a win in Tempe – which we haven’t done in forever – we’re 4-0 in conference, one win away from bowl eligibility at Oregon State next week, well, that’s looking pretty special."

"(Saturday) night we had the big lead but it was not an easy win toward the end. We almost gave it away. But this team is playing so confidently."

"Again in the fourth quarter, it felt like they had all the momentum. They drove down the field a couple of times. They had that punt return. WSU's lead disappeared in a blink. The good thing is we got the ball with four minutes to go and didn’t give it back. The trend this season has been getting the ball with four minutes to go and giving it back twice. It was amazing they were able to run out the clock considering we had zero running game. We had one guy who had four carries for 17-yards? That’s normally not something that wins a game, but we pulled it off. To run out the clock without a rushing game was impressive."

"Arizona State is a blitzing team. WSU saw a lot of blitzes last night. There was a lot of pressure in Falk’s face. There weren’t many run gaps. It was the first team this year that really filled the box and came after us. Falk was able to take advantage of what was available. I didn’t expect us to have a big run game, but we had NO run game."

"More than in the past, we aren’t trying to force it on offense. We are taking what’s there. Falk had an efficient game with decent yardage and three touchdown tosses. He took what was there. They were smart because we’ve run the ball well this year and they took that away."

"I thought early on the defense struggled a little bit. I think they were trying to pick up which quarterback was in the game and doing what. As they got into the game it became obvious that they put one in to run and the other guy would pass. But the defense stepped up. They played well when it mattered and played stout to give WSU that big lead."

"When ASU went to their sparky formation, (Alex) Grinch had to make adjustments allowing the defense to get smart and realize what ASU was going to do from that formation. As much as coach Leach wants to say they are stealing signs, our defense got intelligent and knew what was coming. They knew what to adjust to late in the game."

"My biggest takeaway from the game is that we gritted it out. We gave up the punt return and they started to get a little momentum. ASU got back into the game and had a the ball with a chance to go score and get the lead. WSU simply got the ball back and just ran out the clock."

"After the game all the players were excited and amped. You could tell that they definitely have an attitude that every game they think they can win. That’s different than the recent past. Last year you started to see that and you’re really seeing it this year. You can see the swagger. They just kept grinding it and looked confident. I can’t wait to see them get bowl eligible next week."

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