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Washington State moves to No. 26 in both the Associated Press and Coaches polls

WASHINGTON STATE can't go any higher in both the AP and Coaches poll voting without actually being in the top 25. After knocking off ASU on the road 37-32, and with a trip to Oregon State coming up next, the Cougs stand at 26th in both polls.

It's long been speculation West Coast teams fail to get the attention and respect they deserve by national media. Why? One of the primary reasons most point to is the fact that more than half of the nation is tucked safely under their bedding and snoring away before Pac-12 night games even reach halftime.

Many suspected that Wazzu would crack the top 25 of both polls if it could do something it hasn't done in 15 years - beat Arizona State in Tempe. The Cougs did that -- with what could be describe as a victory the Cougs simply toughed out. But once again the point was proved that it's easier to stay in the national rankings than it is to move up from outside the Top 25.

By the narrowest of margins, 116 votes to 93, Virginia Tech (5-2) secured the final spot at No. 25 in the Coaches poll, locking out Washington State (5-2) who was voted best of the rest coming in No. 26. Only two teams fell out from last week's poll - No. 17 Arkansas and No. 22 Mississippi. In the AP, a similar story: Virginia Tech edged out the Cougs 110-84. 

Sure, to many the polls don't mean diddly squat in October. Heck, they are still little more than water cooler talk in November. But Cougar Nation probably would have enjoyed some level of bragging this coming week had their game ended before 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. As it is, things still look rosy for Wazzu with their unblemished mark of 4-0 in Pac-12 play.

Polls aside, Washington State is still very much in the hunt for a Pac-12 North division title that would earn them a place in the conference championship game on December 2 at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara.

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