Mike Leach at length on his coin toss philosophy, student-athletes taking part in social issues, Falk toughness/injuries overblown and more

PULLMAN – Mike Leach spent a lengthy amount of time during Monday’s presser discussing his strategy and history of selecting captains for the coin toss. Leach also expressed his view on college student-athletes partaking in on-campus protests and weighing in on social issues, and the injury/toughness talk about Luke Falk was apt.


For the past two plus years, Cougar RB Jamal Morrow has been the team's lone game day captain.

Leach said he think this 2016 team is still battling to put forth their best game.
Leach says that he’s in favor of players exercising their freedoms to experience and express their opinions on social issues. He said that they still have the right to be citizens. But, he also noted, that doesn’t mean that they are excused from class, practice, meetings, etc.
Leach said that the Cougs played hard against ASU, but were inconsistent. He said that he liked how they faced adversity. He said they stayed in it, stuck with it, and didn’t flinch under pressure.
Leach reiterated that QB Luke Falk got hit more than he should have and that they should have protected him better. He also said that he thinks some of the toughness/injury concerns voiced about Falk were a little over dramatic.

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