CFC TV: Gabe Marks, Jamal Morrow, Robert Taylor step up to the mic and talk about life on and off the Washington State football field

PULLMAN – Cougars Gabe Marks, Robert Taylor and Jamal Morrow all took to the podium on Monday and talked about where they see the Cougs headed into Week Eight. Marks wasn't shy on the topic of student-athletes taking a stance on social issues.

“College football players are more of a number than NFL players are," said Marks. "The NCAA and schools can monitor everything that college athletes do, and their Twitter and stuff like that. It would be kind of scary to be a college athlete and try and take a stand, and your AD or coach comes and says, 'What are you doing?' That’s super un-American. You would probably be scared of the consequences.

"A lot of guys in college and the NFL just don’t want to get into the trouble of it because that’s a pretty big stance and there’s a lot of backlash. Kids don’t want people hating on them, let's be honest. A grown man has more ability to say whatever, 'I believe what I believe in.'”
Marks was asked about the Cougs getting outscored in the fourth quarter in the past two games, saying he thinks the Cougs are getting lazy at times by letting up near the end. He said that it’s not like them to play that way, but it is something that they need to emphasize and work on in practice this week.
Marks says getting Sunday night off and not having to practice at 8:00 pm is "one of the greatest things that have happened to this team."
Marks said he’s not really impressed anymore with Falk’s toughness because he is so used to it. He said he was impressed initially but he’s but he’s been doing it for such a long time, it's become old hat. He also said that he thinks Falk has a really high pain tolerance, and then jokingly hinted that maybe he’s faking it. (some of the video on Marks below was lost to a technical glitch).
Marks also said every team is feeling the grind of the season right now, but no one more than anyone else.  “Everybody’s tired, everybody’s hurt a little bit, but we signed up to play this game – it’s no surprise.”
Morrow said that people are concerned the Cougs had a minus-57 yard rushing performance (including sacks) is a tribute to assistant Jim Mastro and what he has been able to do in developing a consistent run attack this season.
Morrow also said that the reason why they gave up seven sacks against ASU was because of miscommunication between the O-line and the running backs in protection responsibilities.
"Being able to change the culture here," attracted Morrow to WSU out of high school, with the hope to also improve the run game.
Taylor said he loves the Cougar fans -- that they are very enthusiastic and always have the players' back win or lose. He also talked about feedback that he has gotten from peers in school, saying that its' fun to have classmates and teachers show such a high level of interest by asking a lot of questions about the game and other aspects of the WSU football program.
Taylor said that his mom found out that he was awarded Pac-12 special teams player of the week before he saw it on Twitter. Taylor said his mom has always been his biggest fan. He said she loves to show him off, which makes him embarrassed at times, but said that he understands how excited she is for him.



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