CFC TV: Earn your keep and do it every day if you want to play in rotation on the Cougar d-line, says WSU’s Joe Salave’a

PULLMAN – The heavy rotation up front on the Cougar D this season isn’t because Joe Salave’a has suddenly become altruistic. It’s requires that every player in the DL rotation prove their case each and every day, says Salave’a. CF.C’s Zach Anders asked Salave’a to run down his group for the CF.C lens and wound up with these insights and nuggets from Washington State’s defensive line coach.

Salave’a shed some light on one of his top priorities: obsession to detail. Off the field his players review, study and get tested in a way not all that dissimilar from the college classes they take during the day.

“Well there’s a lot of film study, the run through’s, they have to take a test just like in they’re in a classroom. The mental side of things is pretty important … the key is to keep guys provoked and harness those things and continue  challenging those guys.” Salave’a said.

Salave’a’s d-line has been the tip of the spear on a WSU squad allowing 26.3 ppg. (Last year was 27.7, the year before was 38.6).  

But during this five-game win streak, the defense has both shined … and held fans’ attention in allowing teams to return from the brink in the second half.  Salave’a said there will be no room for error going forward and that the Cougs are “not in the business of having Kumbaya’s and little league football.  Not everyone gets to play at this level, you’ve got to earn your keep,” Salave’a said.

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