Cougars-Beavers predictions by WSU celebs and CF.C staff

HOW COULD ANYONE possibly upstage members of the Washington State Fat Five when it comes to the weekly CF.C predictions article? Leave it to Ryan Witter, the top-notch student and two-sport athlete in his senior year of high school in Seattle whose dad co-founded CF.C two months after he was born.

If the Cougar defense can envision "WSU Conduct Board" written across the chest of Beaver QB Marcus McMaryion, the crimson sack total might reach double digits. On offense, just keep Luke Falk off the turf and all will be well.
WSU 38, OSU 14 
-- Ryan Witter, lifelong Cougar fan

I feel like Oregon State is to the Pac 12 as Rob Rainville was to the Fat Five. Rainy was always picked on and made fun of for his enormous (edited) but if you took your eye off him for a second he would (edited) to you. So just like Rainy was on the field, Oregon State is dangerous and given the opportunity will make you pay dearly.  Here is the deal though, this Cougar O-line is playing at a very high level.  It seems to me Luke Falk really trusts them - he's playing with his eyes up all the time. You can see the continuity of these crimson monsters -- but it will be interesting to see how the fellas do if that monster of a guard Cody O'Connell, who came out last Saturday and didn't return, doesn't play at OSU. How might affect the OL continuity? Still, I see the Cougs still rushing for three touchdowns and the win.
WSU 42, OSU 17
Cory Withrow, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Oregon State should be afraid. Like the way I was afraid after practice one day at WSU when Cory reenacted a scene from The Silence of the Lambs. You try walking into the shower to that ... see if you don't have nightmares the rest of your life.  But back to OSU. The game is won up front. We all know that.  The Cougar O-line will keep it rolling at OSU. Falk needs to stay healthy, and if they get the run game going early like they're capable of, the WSU offense is so explosive I think the Beavs are going to take a pounding.  Corvallis is always rainy and cold, I hated playing there, but if WSU can come out hot I see Cougs having a big day. And I’d like to give Cody O’Connell a shout out. I coached him in Wenatchee when he was younger. He has come a long way to be under consideration for All-America honors. He's 6-8, 354-pounds, size 19 shoe -- he is a monster. Good kid too. GO COUGS!
WSU 48, OSU 14
Rob Rainville, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

June Cleaver once said, "Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night."  I see this trend continuing as the Pirate leads the Cougs into Corvallis. OSU is so soft, they couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag with an axe and scythe.  Bulletin board material? Do I seem worried to you?  This is essentially a bye week. I look for the younger backups to get much needed reps. Cougs win big.
WSU 41, OSU 13
-- Ryan McShane, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

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In breaking down Cougs-Beavs, three things jump out at me. First, the Cougs are breaking the Air Raid mold by dominating the time of possession (34:00-26:00). Second, Falk has only been sacked 21 times in 357 attempts. Folks, that's less than 5 percent of his attempts, that's very friendly to a QB. Last, the Cougs are winning the battle in the trenches on BOTH sides of the ball -- they're giving up only 101 rushing yards per game, and plowing for 112 yards themselves. The Cougs keep it rolling this week.
WSU 42, OSU 21
Jason McEndoo, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Oregon State's injury situation, with some backups pressed into starting roles, is no reason to underestimate the Beavs. After the first half battle ends in a tie, the Cougs prove too much and pull away.
WSU 38, OSU 17
-- Jed Collins, WSU tight end 2004-08 and CF.C contributor

Cool Hand Luke will be on his game and so will the Cougar OL and the running backs. The defense continues to show improvement in Corvallis and it will be a fun plane ride home.
WSU 41, OSU 10
-- Jack Thompson, Wazzu Legend

Another night game and WSU comes out firing on all cylinders on offense, defense and special teams. The three-headed monster have a huge game on the ground and the defense rallies around one another. I wouldn't be surprised if Run it Back Rob runs another one back. #GoCougs #KeepItGoing
WSU 44, OSU 7
-- Jeremiah Allison, WSU linebacker 2012-15

The Cougars will win – but maybe not by as a big of a margin as most Cougars think. 
WSU 38, OSU 24
Jim Walden, nine seasons as WSU head coach, 11 years as WSU radio color man

The Cougs get off to a great start in Corvallis and take a big lead – and then burp up that lead down the stretch in the fourth quarter for the third week in a row. But they get going again late and still win for the sixth straight week.
WSU 42, OSU 28 
-- Paul Sorensen, All-America WSU safety and CF.C contributor

The Cougar offensive line, the self-titled Goon Squad, will make play selection tough for Falk -- by controlling the line of scrimmage both Air Raid and Run Raid should methodically produce marches up and down the field. The Beavs will continue their improvement, which is about a year behind where Wazzu was in 2014, while Falk throws for 350-plus yards and WSU's three-headed monster running attack adds 150-plus yards on the ground.
WSU 42, OSU 10
-- Lew Wright, Associate Editor

Earth, Wind and Fire find the groove again and the Cougs rush for 235 yards on their way to a big win. Some members of Cougar Nation and I'm not saying who (Jim Moore) but someone (Jim Moore) will celebrate with tequila and Gatorade, which of course is the worst (Jim Moore) combo ever.
WSU 41, OSU 13
--Jason Puckett, KJR radio host

The Cougs change things up this week. A slow start causes WSU fans to hit the brown water in the liquor cabinet early before Falk and Co. ruin Halloween weekend in the town where they think orange and black actually looks good more than one day a year. The Cougs run wild on the ground and Falk takes the fourth quarter off
WSU 42, OSU 17 
-- Ian Furness, KJR radio host

After starting the season 0-2, who thought the Cougs would win their next six and become bowl eligible after eight games? Big turnaround for this year's defensive version of the Pullman Posse. The Cougs get the job done in Corvallis and this time they finish the job rather than allow a late comeback.
WSU 31, OSU 17
-- Braulio Perez, Associate Editor/Recruiting Guru

Every Pac-12 opponent has rushed for 200-plus yards against the Beavers. Luke Falk took a ton of punishment last week and needs to avoid sacks. Ground Leach carries the day
WSU 42, OSU 17
-- Matt Moore, Analyst

Cougar ground attack is on fire in Wazzu win.
WSU 52, OSU 24
-- John Witter, Managing Editor Emeritus

This one is all about the mental game. If the Cougars allow it, the Beavers will grow in confidence and hang around deep into this night tilt on the road.  But if Washington State comes out focused and keeps putting the hammer down, the same way it did vs. Oregon and Stanford, this game will not be close. Against one of the worst rushing defenses in the country, the Wazzu running backs gallop for the most rushing yards in the Mike Leach era at WSU. And the Cougar D ends any hope for the Beavers with three takeaways.
WSU 49, OSU 17
-- Greg Witter, Executive Editor

By the time James Williams and Co. (pictured above) finish racking up some eye-popping numbers against the Beavers late Saturday night in Corvallis, Washington State's student conduct board will have brought charges against the NRA, FEMA, NASA, INTERPOL, FCC, NPR, OPEC, FOX and Amtrak.
WSU 45, Oregon State 21
-- Barry Bolton, Managing Editor

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