What They're Saying: 'Years off life expectancy' Edition

JOHN CANZANO of The Oregonian called Oregon State's first half against Washington State on Saturday a McGyver-like effort while WSU assistant coach Roy Manning offered up sage advice about the true nature of football. It's all here, the pithy prose from pundits to coaches to fans, following the Cougars' sixth-straight win of the season.

“The Beavers did it with smoke and mirrors in the first half vs. Washington State. It was a McGyver-like effort. Ryan Nall had 19 carries for 131 yards and two TDs on the ground. Ultimately though, WSU lined up in the second half and said, "You can't throw. We all know it." — John Canzano, The Oregonian

“College football is four, 15-minute quarters: one, two, three, four. It takes 60 minutes to win a football game. Not 15, not 30, not 45, all 60 baby.”— WSU LB coach Roy Manning in Twitter video

“ …every time Luke Falk takes an unnecessary hit all of Cougar nation holds their breath awaiting to see if he just gets up. I love our offense but we can all agree that Luke is the lifeline and heartbeat to it's success right now? To stay successful he cannot take the hits that he has been taking and that means stepping up in the pocket.” Former WSU star Mkristo Bruce to CF.C

“It was basically a preview to what I said to them at halftime, and it probably included some words your children should never use."— Mike Leach on team meeting in 2nd quarter

“Considering the Cougars managed to make every single mistake they could manage, often in succession, and overcome a three-score deficit on the road, Saturday’s win might be considered the most impressive yet during their five-year evolution from ineptitude to Rose Bowl contention.”— Jacob Thorpe, The Spokesman-Review

“The final score merely hints at how difficult it was, but the Washington State Cougars escaped a trap game with all their ambitions intact.”— The Lewiston Tribune

“With Robert Barber on his left arm, first-year Washington State defensive lineman Garrett McBroom used the first sack of his WSU career to ignite the seemingly hapless Cougars on Saturday at Oregon State in one of the most confounding crimson performances this season.”— Barry Bolton,

“The play broke down - honestly I just saw Gabe, so I just threw it up to 9. Congratulations to him on the record.” — Luke Falk on Gabe Marks TD in traffic to break WSU TD receptions record

“Oregon State rolled into the second half with a big lead after Marcus McMaryion put together a career game in the first two quarters. McMaryion threw for 234 yards and two touchdowns to spark a 24-6 halftime lead.That was gone before the start of the fourth.” — Kevin Hampton, Corvallis Times-Gazette

The first half Saturday against Oregon State was ugly. The second half was sensational.”— Kevin Gemmell, ESPN

"The loss of Robert Barber at Oregon State was felt up and down the Washington State defensive line, with two Cougars making their first career starts at end and rush, while others moved inside, out and around to try and compensate for the loss of the fifth-year senior nose tackle. Meanwhile on offense, just another record-setting ho-hum day for the Cougs with no drama to be found anywhere. —

“Robert (Barber) does belong with us. Robert will forever be a member of this team." — Mike Leach on his suspended nose tackle

“You can say one thing for these Washington State Cougars. Every week, they find a new way to struggle, and every week they somehow find a new way to win. This week, the method-du-jour was to back themselves so far into a corner that defeat was almost certain.” — Stefanie Loh, The Seattle Times

“As always, the Cougs continue to give me multiple mid-game heart attacks. But a win is a win and Wazzu is now bowl eligible with a 6-2 (5-0 Pac-12) record on the season.” — Skyler Cracraft, Cougfan

"That was a massive miscommunication - we weren't interested in faking that punt." — Mike Leach on botched fake by WSU near start of 3rd quarter


What a day, my Grandma turned 95, Cougs come back on the road to go 5-0 in the Pac12, shook @DrewBledsoe hand!! Love our players! GoCougs!! @CoachMcGuireWSU

In the third quarter, WSU has 221 total yards. OSU has -1. @vinceg55

I’m starting to get used to saying “Sundays are a lot better after a win”…even if I’ve lost years off of my life expectancy. #GoCougs @ConnecticutCoug

Get your bowling shoes on…cause we are going bowling@ #GoCougs @AggresiveDan

COUGS Win! State of Washington now 10-0 in Pac-12 play. #WSUvsOSU @ChrisDaniels5

If you had told me WSU would start the season 0-2 with a loss to an FCS team and be ranked before November, I’d have said you were crazy.@mcrose14

A lot of Wazzu fans are complaining about the number of late start times this year. I saw play at 3 AM if it means we keep winning @Joe_Halverson

Pettis said ‘blockers did a good job of opening up space’ on punt return. No kidding, Dante. 3 blocks in back open a lotta space. @cougsgo

And #Wazzu wins at 241 a.m. here on the East Coast. Nice comeback for the team. Now time for bed @BraulioEPerez

UW ranked 4th. WSU ranked 25th. EWU ranked 3rd in FCS. Good little football state we have here. @ConnorHutyler

Ive said it before and ill say it again...I love this team!! #GoCougs #OnToTheNextOne  @CodyOConnell1

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